Pollyanna and the Weekly Random Weirdness: Bizarre Research Edition

Lyda here. Tuesday! Time for this week’s Random Weirdness of Humans. (Posted Monday night due to Tuesday’s full lineup of fun activities, including tests at the hospital related to the Hormones from Hell. I’ll try not to post too many gory details later…)

This week is the Bizarre Research edition. Ya’ll can blame it on Anna-Liza. And of course the Hormones from Hell.

1) She sent me this, and of course I had to share with ya’ll. ‘Cause you know I’m all about the Weird Science! The link is about the annual Ig Noble Prizes, I love it!

2) There’s a knitting angle in that last olink which I must point out. And I quote:

“The 2003 [Ig Noble] prize for physics went to Jack Harvey, John Culvenor, Warren Payne, Steve Cowley, Michael Lawrance, David Stuart and Robyn Williams of Australia, for their report An Analysis of the Forces Required to Drag Sheep over Various Surfaces” Abrahams says the “diagrams and pictures” from that study were even better than the name. The study was remarkably helpful to a huge industry in Australia: “A lot of time, money, injuries and even lives” were at stake, he says.”

Not to mention the wool! “Won’t someone think of the wool?!”

2) Here’s more about the Ig Noble Awards. My favorite part of the second article: the scientists who “shared the award for their discovery that, biochemically, romantic love may be indistinguishable from having severe OCD.” Just as we’ve all suspected…

3) And there’s these 10 Embarassingly Obvious Health Studies. Isn’t it great? A list within a list. Brilliant of me… but I digress… Try to keep breathing… uh, hopefully the air isn’t polluted, ’cause it turns out that’s bad for you.

4) I also found this about the upside to ADHD. I included this in the Bizarre Research category, because many people who have ADHD (or love someone who does) already know there are benefits – it just took the research a while to catch up. As it often does…

5) Here’s a study that won’t seem weird at all to anyone who has spent any time with toddlers. Or any other humans, for that matter. Researchers discovered that like humans, chimpanzees prefer to keep what they have rather than trade – and prefer it more because it is already theirs. Called “the Endowment Effect,” this trait may be hardwired into us. At least it explains why “MINE!” is one of the first phrases children master, and why it is so very hard to share. Especially food. Hey, I’m trying to survive here! Paws off!

6) Researchers are the bees’ knees. They have discovered that playing a recording of bees buzzing angrily will drive away elephants. This is not cowardly, just sensible; angry African bees can ruin even an elephant’s day.

It sounds like a bizarre and useless study, but this research will help keep elephants away from settlements, so both people and elephants will be safer, and will also protect crops. A sweet note is that no elephants were harmed in this study – but some of the researchers got stung. I’ve always suspected elephants have more common sense than people…

7) These researchers spent five years catching lizards, and discovered that the male lizards are playing a sexual game of rock-paper-scissors. Since you can’t interview lizards about their sex life (“So, you say the ladies love the white belly?”) the researchers had to observe. Five years of catching lizards and watching them have sex. Uh, huh. The study is interesting, and has implications for humans. But I’m wondering about the researchers. “Wanna come up and see my lizards, baby?”

8.) I have to include this research, just because of the way the article starts:

“Think about strong perfume and a threesome, and what do you get?”


I’m just going to leave you with there… alone with your thoughts…


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Weekly Random Weirdness: Bizarre Research Edition

  1. lyda Post author

    Kelly, your other posted comment went on the “Zombie Quilter from Hormone Hell” post. Ah, the Mystery of the Cosmic InnerNetting. Here it is, in all its glory:

    From Kelly:

    You two crack me up!

    Hey Lyda, thanks for the upside to ADD thing. That was really interesting. I’ll have to show it to Bob. Maybe it will give him a new appreciation for my… err… weirdness? LOL!! I totally relate to the Jet Blue dude. I might have to check out one of those books. Oh wait, I don’t read. Ya think maybe a book ABOUT ADD might be something I’d have attention span to read?

    I’ll be thinking about you for all your doctor stuff tomorrow. Hang tough chickie babe!!

    Kelly 🙂

  2. Jane

    Wouldn’t you love to have the money that was spent on those studies? What say we write a grant for a study…let’s see…the long term effect of knitting and/or cross-stitching on the big toe. We could get paid big bucks to sit for hours and stitch and just glance at our big toes occassionally. Think anyone would fund it?

  3. lyda Post author

    Jane, you are BRILLIANT!! What are the long-term effects on the big toe of hours of knitting/cross-stitching?

    I can tell you, the short term effect of quilting on the big toe is that crawling around on the floor rubs the nail polish off… No toes were harmed in my study, but the knees were a bit bruised…


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