Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Knits a Bit

Anna-Liza here.

Remember the Boulder Knit Out? I finally got some pics uploaded. Here’s a really blurry, bad shot of Cheryl Oberle. It’s the only one I took that isn’t the back of her head! (Sorry, Cheryl).

blurry-cheryl-o.jpg   And here is the youngest knitter there (it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten his name, but he’s six): young-knitter.jpg 

It was really fun, and I strongly recommend it when it comes back around again. In other knitting news …

I’m almost done with the Blue Jeans purse–that’s the little Fair Isle project that I took on to get back in practice with colorwork. I have the body done, and I’ve done about eight inches of the I-cord for the strap. (I need about 40 inches). I made a mistake on the “arrow” pattern at the bottom of the purse: bluejeansmistake.jpg

You see how it’s all slanting the same way? It’s supposed to look like this (the band I did at the top):  bluejeansdetail.jpg   (you know, like arrows). I ripped out the mistake and fixed it, but all I can say is that sometimes, it’s a good idea to just follow the directions even if doing it another way seems to make more sense. Radical idea, I know, but you might want to try it some time!

I’ve gotten about 6 inches done on Darlin’ K’s Cable Ribbed Cardigan, and I started a new project for me! Here’s the beginning of Norah Gaughan’s Origami Cardigan, from the Summer ’07 Interweave Knits (if you scroll down, there’s a pic of it about halfway down the page): origami-cardi-start.jpg  That is the bottom edge of the back of the sweater. I’m using Cascade 220 “The Heathers”, color 2429. I’ve actually got several inches of the stockinette done now. The bottom border pattern is called “berry in a box”, and it looks exactly like that–a single raspberry in a little box. Or, in this case, a tiny head of broccoli. I’m really liking this pattern–it’s an interesting knit while at the same time not so challenging as to be frustrating.

I’ve also completed one of Laurie’s Halloweenie Beanies and have started a second–you know, one for each kidlet. I cast on 80 instead of 88 stitches and knit 5 inches instead of 6 before decreasing, to make a kid-size verison. I am doing 84 stitches with a 7-stitch repeat for the second, to make it slightly larger than the first without being full adult size. Pictures will have to be done later. I’m using Red Heart (gasp! quick, Lola, get the smelling salts!) “Soft Yarn”. I’m not a big acrylic fan, but I’m not a hater, either. I’d say this is well in the acceptable range of softness and is not too squeaky on the wooden needles. It’s sort of squeaky on the plastic needles I’m using for the stem, though. I’ll post pictures when I finish the second hat and can coerce bribe get the kids to pose with them. The first one is really cute, I have to say! Thanks for the pattern, Laurie!

These are so fast to knit and so cute, I may just do one for me, too!


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Knits a Bit

  1. lyda

    OMFG you already finished one of the hats???!!! And started a sweater? And still, you have time to mock my feeble quilting efforts.

    You SupaKnitta you!

  2. Marin

    And Anna-Liza? Side Note? I will be at Stitch Therapy Thursday. How long I stay depends on how long the small child who either loves or hates me can hold off the marathon question sessions.

    Does that sound too grumpy?

  3. annaliza Post author

    No, Marin, not too grumpy to me–I know all about the child-question-marathon dealie. And Lyda? You can get a lot of knitting done, especially the pretty-darn-easy kind, when you’re sitting around waiting for something to be over with. Just sayin’.

  4. KarenM.

    🙂 Love hats, they go so fast 🙂
    AND LOVING the pictures….
    Plus……..THE Crazy Aunt Purl commented on your blog. How goofy is it that I am excited by that. Yeah. I know. Back to reality world, hopefully I will see you when (if) she comes to Colorado for a book signing…..


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