Pollyanna and Tuesday’s Continuing Weirdness of Halloween

Lyda here. Ya’ll know that I can’t wait to start the Halloween fun. And ya’ll know that Tuesdays are the Weirdness of Humans time at Pollyanna’s place.

So, here’s a Halloween Weirdness to tide us over…

1) Go here for a fun Halloween time suck. Get it? Suck = vampires = Halloween!

2) There’s something really scary over at Faith’s place: Look here if you dare – but I warn you, it’s chilling!

3) Here’s a scary science story: Your Bacteria Control Your Cravings! Bwahahaha! On the plus side, it may not be my fault that I need chocolate like a zombie needs brains. My bacteria love October!

4) Here’s a Halloween version of a test for color blindness (warning – not for kids!)

5) Okay, I’m sorry. Here’s one that’ s safe for the kids. Really. A dolphin ready for Halloween: Look at this! This is not a case of Hideous Pink. But I do wonder if the albino dolphins have more problems with sunburn..

6) Grown-up Halloween parties – Now that’s scary, kids! Here’s some opinions on what the costumes mean, for the guys and the girls. Personally, I like some originality, with some silliness and/or sex-appeal. But a boring costume doesn’t always mean he’s a boring guy. He could have been dragged to the party at the last minute by friends – which at least means he has friends… But that’s just my opinion… and I digress…

7) And speaking of costumes, this link has pictures of some weird and funny ones. Yes, the Weirdness Factor is just how I roll, ya’ll.

8.) Now, some people just don’t like Halloween. Like this guy. I don’t know… Maybe last year he was attacked by some ghosts who did disturbing things to him with a pumpkin, and this was a preemptive strike… I don’t explain ’em, I just report ’em…

9) One of the fun things about October is that TV has lots of old and fairly new zombie and monster movies. On Saturday, I watched “28 Days Later” which is an almost-zombie movie. The few disease-free characters spend the movie running from and fighting the masses of humans who have a disease called the Rage. (You may recognize the Infected from your morning commute…) The Infected are murderous and single-minded like zombies, but they are much faster and stronger than zombies.

And then there are the bad guys. Really. The Infected are not the villians, which is an interesting direction for an almost-zombie movie. This movie was popular with audiences and critics. The scenes of deserted London are incredible. There’s a 2007 sequel (don’t know if it’s out yet) called “28 Weeks Later.” A not-too-gory post-apocalyptic tale for a rainy afternoon… meanwhile, the Resident Sith Master and second son “Chuck Norris” were becoming zombies of a different kind at a local video-gaming place.

10) And then late Saturday night, I watched an old horror movie, “Son of Dracula” (1943)with Lon Chaney Jr. as the vampire and Robert Page as the hero. It’s weird seeing a Dracula with curly hair. I’m just saying, is all. I love the old movies.

I was up so late because I was waiting for my sons to return to the Land of the Living.

Which they eventually did.

And then they stayed up until 2:30 playing even more video games.

How long can teenage boys stay in a state of Video Game Zombiehood?

Now that’s REALLY scary, folks.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and Tuesday’s Continuing Weirdness of Halloween

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