Pollyanna Celebrates the Weirdness of the Universe

Lyda here. Still fire and smoke and ash, still scary and miserable. We’re not close to the flames – here’s a map of the fires – but thanks for asking. Our sinuses and eyes are suffering, even Tommy the cat’s.

But hey, it’s Tuesday, time for this week’s edition of the Random Weirdness of Humans. Today we celebrate human science and the cool weirdness of the universe.

1) First, this is happy-weird (why did it take so long?). Cheesily called a “giant leap for womankind in this article, today there is a woman commanding the shuttle, and a woman commanding the space station, and they will met in space. Two women commanders at the same time – for the first time. But not the last, baby. My favorite part is that it is a just a scheduling coincidence, not a publicity stunt. And what pretty damn cool role models both of these women are. One step closer to Janeway.

I wonder if you can knit in freefall? On the one hand, you could work on a big project without struggling with the weight of it pulling on your sticks or sitting in your lap. On the other hand, you have to wonder about pointy sticks drifting near all that expensive equipment, not to mention fiber fuzz and the drifting yarn ball. And if you keep up with Franklin, you know how wild those yarn balls can be (yarn in drag!).

On the third hand, or paw as it may be, how could I knit without kitty assistance? And I don’t think Tommy the cat would like freefall, since he gets sick on a five-minute drive to the vet. No knitting would be complete without his furry contributions.

But depending on the company, I can think of other things that would be fun to do in zero gravity. Mmm… astronauts. I wonder if anyone’s tried it in space yet? Somehow I don’t think it would be on the official NASA report of the mission.

But I digress…

And my digressions are the weirdest weird of all…

2) Speaking of doin’ the deed, Coral know how to celebrate a full moon. “Let’s get it on…” The article actually says it’s “reef madness” – hey, I do the jokes here, people! “Oh, it’s a marvelous night for a moon dance…”

3) And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate the beauty of the universe in general, and our progress in learning about it in particular. Just look at these gorgeous pictures. Check out the slide show of Saturn – now that’s how to wear horizontal stripes, baby!

4) And while we’re out in space, we can discover even more about our own blue marble. Looking from space is how they found this ancient Egyptian city. Weirdly cool, indeed!

5) From space, we can see icebergs being born too! No, I don’t suggest you knit anything for this baby…

6) And while we haven’t yet encountered the Vulcans (darn!) or the Borg (hurray!), life on earth is influenced by what’s going on in space. It’s cosmic, ya’ll – cosmic rays.

Okay, moving on…

7) I know ya’ll are all excited that it is finally National Mole Day again. No, not that kind of mole. No, not that kind either. And not any of the other moles you are probably thinking of. “Mole” as in a basic measuring unit in chemistryUh, yeah, right. I knew that.

Confession: I took Chemistry in high school, and I.. um… dropped the class. Because of the maths. Go ahead, laugh.

Okay, but I’m still enough of a geek to think that some chemistry mole jokes will be a good addition to this post. And check out this year’s National Mole Day shirt featuring a picture of “Double Mole Seven.” *snort*

8.) It also might be National Color Day. I got a lot of hits on Google, but I can’t find any reference that doesn’t refer back to someone else’s calendar. The citations keep circling back; I’m not finding an “official” site or an original attribution. This may be one of those made-up celebrations.

But what the hey, COLOR! We all love color! Go out and get you some! Or knit you some! Or something.

9) Or just go to the beach.  Even early humans knew how to throw a bitchin’ beach party. “Hey, dude, let’s party.” (I know that movie!) Wonder if Frankie and Annette know they weren’t the first to play Beach Blanket Bingo? Clambake!

It was a real nice clambake; we’re mightly glad we came…” Sorry, my past haunting me again. Forgive the uncoolness. Errrr..

YARN! There, that might distract you…

10) I guess I need a lesson from these guys. When it comes to being cool, ancient dinosaurs knew how to chill out, dude. Check it out, it’s like the dino version of Grauman’s Chinese!


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