Pollyanna West Coast gets to join the cool kids!

Lyda here.

I’ve got some important stuff, and some fun stuff, and some trivial stuff, and some annoying stuff, for ya’ll today. Okay, the annoying stuff is a whole other post, which I’m working on.

Which do you want first?

Ha! Never mind. I can’t wait to tell you the Important Stuff!

I GOT MY INVITATION TO RAVELRY!!! I’ll be one of the cool kids now!!

Well, you knew the important stuff had to be about fibery goodness, right?

Before I go over there and register and wander about (I’ll let you know what my name is over there), I’ll share the other stuff. But quick-like.

The Trivial Stuff: Last night, I got out my new circular needles for the scarf for second son, “Chuck Norris.” I straightened the loop connecting the needles. You will laugh that I had to ask Anna-Liza (again!) how to do this when we talked this weekend.

So, for any newbie knitters out there who are too embarassed to ask: I put the circular needles into very hot water for a bit, until the nylon got all soft and cooperative. Then I put a towel down on the counter, stretched the needles and cord out straight, and weighed the nylon cord down with books. I left it like that for several hours, and viola, cord that is in one gentle curve instead of several tight loops. I don’t know that it takes hours, but I was at college night with my son – wonder if the recruiters knew that they were talking to a Sith master! One school had a dragon as a mascot, which of course influenced me in their direction. But I digress…

Anna-Liza says she does this each time she uses her circulars, because when not in use she keeps them coiled up. Some people store their circulars flat so the nylon doesn’t get all curly between projects.

Maybe this isn’t so trivial. It is about knitting, after all…

Anyway, on to The Fun Stuff:

Wouldn’t this be a great knitting bag for KIP?


The tote says (in case you can’t see it), in lovely raspberry cursive writing: “This is what a Feminist looks like.” (That link will lead you to where to buy; they have t-shirts too!)

I love the idea of busting both the knitter and feminist stereotypes by using this bag for knitting. Two! Two! Two stereotypes in one!


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna West Coast gets to join the cool kids!

  1. annaliza

    I’m “Divina” on Ravelry, you know. See you there! It’s a glorious time-suck, I assure you.

    Love that bag! (Must. Not. Buy. More. Bags!)

  2. Kelly

    Ummmmm, yeah. I’ve never even thought about straightening my needles. I just pull on them and swear a lot. Why didn’t I think of that before?
    Thanks Lyda Looo!

    Kelly (the doofus)

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