Pollyanna muses and meanders and mucks about

Lyda here. Anna-Liza will be back some day, when the fields are white with daises… or when she finishes transitioning from her old job to her new fabulous job. In the meantime, you get to endure  enjoy more of my musings and meanderings and digressions. And oh yes, knitting and quilting news and such.

I called in sick to work yesterday, with a migraine and all kinds of other icky symptoms that you don’t want to hear about. Really. Suffice it to say that I stayed far away from the fiber and the computer all day for their own protection. I should have called in sick again today, but I need the money, so Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Went… The Resident Sith Master offered to lend me his light saber in case anyone bugged me, but I was worried that Tommy the Sith apprentice cat would stage a coup, so I declined.

Yesterday, I also had a visit of several hours to a new specialist. I love Western medicine. There’s always another specialist. “Of course, it will take a month for you to get an appointment. Just keep taking ibuprofen for the pain until then.” But I digress…

Actually, it was good – I like the new specialist. He asked a lot of questions, did an exam, and then did some tests (one very painful one even with the local anesthetic – trust me, ya’ll don’t want to know). He even agreed to schedule my next appointment sooner rather than later with a minimum of tears. Mine, not his. I was impressed with his professional compassion, especially since he’d been up until 5 a.m. delivering babies.

Monday night, I just spent hanging out with the Resident Sith Master. I’m protective about Monday nights. I just want to be with him, just the two of us and the Dread Cat Tommy.

Sometimes we play video games. Well, my son and I play video games; Tommy usually sleeps. I’m terrible at video games, but the Resident Sith Master puts up with me. I’ve finally learned to reload my weapons during the lulls, and I’m not a bad sniper, and I like driving a tank and blowing stuff up. He lets me play with him, even though I usually snipe him by mistake at least once. And sometimes I blow him up or run him over. But I digress…

Sometimes, like this week, we just hang out and watch TV.  And talk and laugh and just enjoy being together. And of course, this Monday, I had to show him the Frog Prince Quilt top. Ya’ll remember, I finished sewing it together last weekend. My son was full of praise. Tommy on the other hand, decided that the frogs were getting uppity and attacked. We spent at least 20 minutes laughing at him as he pounced on first one frog and then another. Good times, good times.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday – hanging out, laughing, watching TV. With a bit of knitting on the “Chuck Norris Bites Frost” scarf. Ya’ll know how some nights are: knit a bit, rip a bit, knit a bit, rip a bit.

Wednesday nights I’m on my own. So when I got home this Wednesday, I got out the quilting. My plan was to spread the squares out for the Cosmic Prince Quilt and come up with a pleasing design the same size as the Frog Prince Quilt.

First I spread out the Frog Prince Quilt top on my bed to count the number of rows and columns: 11 by 15. This quilt top is queen sized! Pretty funny, considering my first designs were baby-quilt-sized. Queen-sized will keep the young princes warm for many years. But wow, I’m going to need a really big box to ship these off.

Then I moved to the living room (where the TV is, doncha know). I spread out the (much too small) design I had pinned together for the Cosmic Prince Quilt, and got to work on expanding and reworking it.

I worked on this several hours, moving pieces around, trying different things. One of the things I find helpful is to leave the room for a few minutes and come back and look again. I did this many times. During commercials of course. I also had the design talents of Tommy the Sith apprentice cat. It is important to have the cat’s-eye-view. Ya’ll know. Tommy was very paws-on with the whole design process, as always.

The Comic Prince Quilt has some interesting fabrics, including a planet print with a deep blue background, a blue-and-white cloud print with silver spiderwebs on top, a very bright green stripe, and a red polka dot print. Here are some mediocre pictures. One of my favorite things about this two-quilt project is that the Cosmic Prince Quilt shares one fabric, a geometric print in an orange-yellow, with the Frog Prince Quilt, so that the quilts coordinate (the princes will be sharing a bedroom for many years) even though they are otherwise completely different. Yes, I am a genius.

One of these days I’ll take more pictures and get them scanned so I can show you the QIPs (Quilts In Progress).

I finally came up with a design that I like for the Cosmic Prince Quilt, so I took a short dinner break and then pinned a piece of paper to the first square in each row, with the row number written on it. This helps me keep the rows in order when it’s time to stitch them together. I also know to lay out the rows with the squares with the paper pieces all on one end – so the design comes out correctly. In theory at least.

I then pinned the squares in each row together in order, right sides together. Note to self: buy more pins. And then I folded each row up, and piled them on my sewing cart. This leads to a bit of wrinkling, but keeps the Dread Cat Tommy out of the fabric. I got to bed late, but the rows are all ready to be sewn together.

Hurray! Actual quilting progress! Alert the media!

Now, if ya’ll will excuse me, I’m just going to curl up in the corner and moan now… When a doctor says, “There will be a bit of discomfort,” I know I’m in trouble. When a doctor actually says, “There will be some pain” – as he did yesterday – I know I’m doomed. Ouch ouch ouch.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna muses and meanders and mucks about

  1. annaliza

    Queen size. Oh, lordy. Well, maybe someday they’ll have queen sized beds. Not in my house, but someday.

    (We already hashed out all the symptoms and specialist stuff on the phone, so I’ll just send a telepathic hug for that).

  2. lyda Post author

    The beauty of queen size is that they will drape over the twin sized beds just fine. And when they turn over in their sleep, they will still be covered up, no matter how big they get. (And thanks for the telepathic hugs.)

  3. annaliza

    Yup, yup, this is true. And they’ll make excellent blanket forts. The “oh lordy” was in reaction to your tendency to overacheive.

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