Pollyanna Watches the Clock … and the Calendar

Hey there, Anna-Liza here.

Yesterday (Friday) was my last day at my old job. I had felt a little bad giving them only a weeks’ notice, but now? Not so much. I’m glad it’s all wrapped up and done. Two weeks of basically waiting ’til I could get out of there would have been much more painful.

However, there was no blogging time–it was about a 50 hour week for me. Not even blog reading time, and that’s pretty bad when you consider I am a fast reader. You know, take a five minute break, read two, maybe three blogs? Wasn’t happening.

I didn’t even read my own blog! Sorry, Lyda! I’m all caught up now.

Monday is The Big Day, my first day at Interweave Press. I’m not taking time off in between, because they really need me to start ASAP (something about the person training me expecting a grandbaby in a couple of weeks), but you know what? I think that just making the change will be as good as a rest. I haven’t even started yet and they’ve already made me feel welcome and appreciated. Not a bad way to start a new relationship, wouldn’t you say?

In other very important news, my limited edition Ravelry beta-tester t-shirt arrived!! While it’s tempting to wear it on my first day at work, I think I’ll just dress business casual as usual and wait to spring on them the glory that is me in a white t-shirt with “Where my stitches at?” emblazoned across my modest boobage. I just think it’s best. But I’m looking forward to having some knitting-related event to wear it to. (Marin! Did yours come yet?)

I have pretty much nothing to report on knitting progress, I’ve gotten just a few more rows done on one of the Origami Cardi fronts (the back is done), and a few more rows on the Spiral Hat … but I did make an important knitter’s acquisition. My gift to myself for going out and finding a great new job is …

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, by Clara Parkes. She’s the woman behind Knitter’s Review, which is one of my favorite online knitting resources. In the book, rather than focusing on individual performance of specific yarns, Parkes writes about every aspect of yarn that affects its performance. There are some obvious things about choosing an appropriate yarn for a particular project (not bulky for socks, at least not usually), but this is going to be a great reference for all the more subtle things and, frankly, the stuff I still have no clue about.

She starts with fiber types, but there’s so much more to yarn than that, and she continues with different kinds of processing, spinning, and plying to what the end product ends up looking and feeling like, and how it will knit up. I didn’t actually buy this for the patterns, but there are some really nice ones (40), each designed to show how different types of yarn perform. My favorite is the Norah Gaughan wrap cardigan, the Cabled Swing Cardi. I think I’d better finish the Origami Cardi first, though. And maybe Eris, too.

I haven’t gotten very far in it yet, (see “50 hour week”, above), but I can already tell this is going to be one of my core reference books for the foreseeable future, or until I know as much about yarn as Clara Parkes. Which isn’t happening anytime soon, I can tell you that!

Oh, and if you didn’t already know about Knitter’s Review (unlikely, but possible), get over there and subscribe to the free e-newsletter. Really, her reviews are enormously helpful. I’m always looking things up in the archives. It’s not just yarn, it’s needles and leather handles for tote bags and pretty much everything knitting-related that you might want to use.

I guess I should mention that Clara Parkes is a contributing editor to Interweave Knits, but I didn’t know that until after I got the book. And her book wasn’t published by Interweave Press. And I haven’t ever met her, so my glowing review wasn’t motivated by friendship or … or …

You know, it’s a strange world where I have to issue disclaimers for saying I really liked a book, isn’t it? (sigh)


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