Pollyanna, UFOs, and the Stars

Hi, Lyda here, with an update on this weekend’s UFO. UFOs = Unfinished Fiber Objects. Hur, I are clever. Plus, movies and TV and a bonus cat! I kinda went crazy with the links. Don’t feel you have to check them all. Sorry about that.

The Resident Sith Master had friends over a lot this weekend. I lurked in my bedroom moaning in pain  because I’m a cool mom and give my kid space. Tommy the Sith apprentice cat lurked with me. Tommy prefers to avoid the noise and excitement of three teenagers playing video games. Even if it involves hiding under the bed and pretending to be a dust bunny. Since I was in bed all day Saturday, Tommy did his blanket impersonation instead. But I digress…

Saturday there was a little work done on the current favorite knitting UFO, the “Chuck Norris Bites Frost” Scarf. It went slowly because it’s harder to knit when one is curled up in a fetal position.

Wait, maybe I was just knitting on the wrong thing. Maybe it would be easier to knit socks or a hat, something small, in that position. I’ve never knit socks or a hat, so I’ll have to rely on you, gentle readers, to advise me on this theory. But I digress again…

Sunday, I decided to use my time in exile  being an awesome mom to good use and worked on a quilting UFO, the Cosmic Prince Quilt. I forced  asked my son to drag the ottoman into my bedroom, and sat on it with my back against the bed. This way, I was the right height to sew and watch TV. Watching TV being an essential part of quilting, ya’ll. Just so you know. I stitched up the first five rows of the quilt – six more to go. A lot of progress.

While I sewed, I watched both “Stargates” (SG-1 and Atlantis) and then a movie: Harrison Ford in “Hollywood Homicide.” Harrison was, as always, funny and sexy and rugged. And Josh Hartnett is extremely cute. Good movie, funny, interesting plot, a bit quirky. I give it “Two needles up.” Two gorgeous men on TV, the Dread Cat Tommy curled up asleep on the knitting, the laughter of my guy and his friends from the other room, and a quilt coming to life in my hands – sweet.

The non-fiber portion of the weekend was spent with the Resident Sith Master, and ya’ll know that is a good thing. Warning: the following links contain plot spoilers. In case you haven’t seen the movies. For some reason I cannot fathom. Jane. We watched “Star Wars: Episode I” Friday night, with lots of ragging on Jar-Jar and interpreting R2-D2’s dialogue (of course). We watched “Star Wars: Episode II” on Saturday night, again with lots of critiques. Let’s just say that neither actor who played Anakin would have enjoyed overhearing us.

Excessive Star Wars links provided for those of you who haven’t seen the movies. Jane.

The two of us talk a lot when we watch TV and movies, especially ones we know so well. We try to keep it down when someone else is there, but when it is just the two of us, we go wild. One of the wonderful things about second son “Chuck Norris” is that he joins right in. You should have seen the three of us watching “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” I miss that kid.

Which reminds me of the time at a family get-together, Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother, My Brother the Doctor, my two nephews, the Resident Sith Master, and I all watched “Holy Grail” together. (The other siblings are missing the “Monty Python” gene – I wonder if they are changelings?) I don’t think I heard more than two words of the movie, we were laughing so hard.

But enough of Digression the Third… and straight to Digression the Fourth.

I fell asleep reading “Hamlet” last night. There is definitely some of the Bard’s work interwoven in the “Star Wars” saga. I don’t think Will would have objected; he was a great borrower himself, of course. Of whole plots, even.

Tonight’s plan is to watch “Star Wars: Episode III.”

I will of course be rooting for the Jedi.

You can guess where the Resident Sith Master’s sympathies lie. And Tommy the Sith apprentice will be right with his master.

I’ll be outnumbered as usual.

Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi… you’re my only hope.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna, UFOs, and the Stars

  1. annaliza

    Frankly, I entirely gave up on the second set of “Star Wars” movies when Padme changed from smart, tough, and elegant to cock-teasing wimp.

  2. Marin

    Bonus cat. How cool is that?

    (we’re dangerously close to the Dr. Seuss zone here)

    But enough about Tommy… how is the Gorgeous and Available Engineer these days? Give him my best, won’t you?

    Here’s a ponderance: At this stage in your life, do you NEED to hear more than two lines of Holy Grail? I’m guessing y’all already know it so well you don’t need to hear it or see it to know exactly where you are in it.

    Get thee to a heating pad!



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