Pollyanna’s Big Day at Last

Hi, Anna-Liza blogging.

First day at Interweave. I don’t plan to make this a big part of the blog–not really good policy to blog about work, even if it is also a major contributor to the obsession lifestyle hobby I blog about. But I know you want to know how it went.

Sunday was one of those incredible days we get here in the Colorado Rockies. Deep blue skies, balmy breezes, temperatures in the 70s–I was in a short-sleeved shirt.

 Fall in the Rockies

Monday? We had highs predicted in the mid-40s, 40% chance of snow. It was cloudy and cold in the morning, but the clouds went away and it probably got up into the 50s in the afternoon, so the umbrella I brought was unnecessary (as they usually are here).

In answer to Marin, noone gave me free yarn–I think only the editorial folk get that. But my boss took me out to lunch (a very nice one), I met lots of nice people (whose names will take me a while to get straight), I found the bathroom and the kitchen, and I began to learn about my new job. That part is probably interesting only to me, the people training me, and the people who will be working with me, so I’ll skip that bit.

Interweave is located in the old downtown area of Loveland. I really like it–it’s getting spruced up, but it’s not going to be Aspenized anytime soon (which is perfectly fine with me). There’s a nice mix of restaurants, gift and antique shops, a couple of craft stores (beads and yarn–I am so in trouble–the LYS is just down the street, the bead shop is catty-corner across the intersection), and a revived theater, the Rialto, which does music shows and movie festivals and pretty much anything a small-to-medium sized venue can present. I’m going to have a lot of fun just exploring around on my lunch hour.

Did I knit? Yes, on my lunch break. I brought the Origami Cardi and the Cabled Socks with me. The Cabled Rib Cardigan for Darlin’ K isn’t quite as portable, attached as it is to a giant cone of yarn. And I wore my Embossed Leaves socks for luck.

 Embossed leaves socks

It will be a little while before I’m really settled in. It’s kind of hard to give an accurate impression so soon. But I knew you’d want to know how things went. To sum up? It went great.

I have a feeling this is going to be good.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s Big Day at Last

  1. Marin

    See, I had this vision of Interweave Press as being sort of a Willy Wonka-style place only with fibre instead of chocolate.

    Did they give you chocolate?

  2. annaliza Post author

    We had a company-wide potluck, and there was much chocolate there.

    I’m not supposed to mention the secret room where you can go roll in alpaca as a form of meditation, so I won’t.

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