Pollyanna reports a knitting triumph! And politics again…

Lyda here.

Last night, I finished the “Chuck Norris Bites Frost” scarf. I bound off the second half of the scarf during “Bones,” and then stitched the two halves together while watching a PBS “American Masters” program about Carol Burnett. I made sure to stitch it well; the halves should never separate and the seam looks okay for the most part.

I was weaving in the last of the ends when the Resident Sith Master came home from an evening with his stepmom. I made him try on the scarf – which is, get this, ten feet four inches long (I measured it this morning). Anna-Liza is right; I’m an overachiever. It should keep second son “Chuck Norris” warm in the frozen northland (aka New York). I’ll block the scarf this weekend, mostly because the seam needs to be straightened a bit.

Next time, I will make a shorter scarf in one piece. Probably for Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother who is busy at Ph.D. school in Ohio, another frozen northland. Bro, what’s up? You never call, you never write. But I will definitely be using this yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn  in black and claret for this scarf) and the horizontal stripes again – it looks awesome to my newbie knitter eyes.

Life is weird. My son sat with me for a bit and watched the program, and then said, “Who is she?” He’d never seen Carol Burnett before. There must be DVDs of her show somewhere so I can educate him.

Speaking of weird, check out this about McCain’s reaction to a questioner who asked “How do we beat the bitch?” What do ya’ll think of his reaction? A strong woman is a bitch; a strong man is a success.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna reports a knitting triumph! And politics again…

  1. Marin

    1) FO! Yay!

    2) I knitted a 10-foot scarf for my friend Dave. He didn’t own a decent coat, just a Levi denim jacket… and not the one with the faux sheepskin lining, either. He would wrap the scarf over his head, around his neck, cross it over his chest, then put the jacket on over it, letting the ends dangle to afford a little insulation to the tops of his legs. He says I saved his life.

    Maybe you will save Chuck Norris’s life.

    3) I have really nice, engineer-worthy yarn for a scarf. Should I start working on my knitted dowry?

    4) Another reason I don’t really mind the term “bitch.” It’s just shorthand for “successful woman.”

  2. lyda Post author

    1) My first, really! Very exciting!
    2) Hee hee, that will be a switch, in the movies it’s usually Chuck Norris saving lives.

    But yeah. I hope he will wear it and feel the warmth of his second mom’s love.

    3) Oh wow, you are the BEST Future Sister-in-Law ever! Must. Talk. To. Him. About. You.

    4) Right on! “We are family, I got all my beyotches with me…”

  3. annaliza

    I’m 99% sure there are Carol Burnett Show DVDs available. That was a great show.

    Congratulations on the big FO!! Make sure you take pictures before you send it away.

    Usually when someone calls me a bitch (rare), it just makes me laugh. But still. You know, all the classic insults to women actually insult the women, but the classic insults to men actually insult their mothers.
    Except maybe “dickhead”.

  4. lyda Post author

    Yes, definitely pictures will be taken. I will get the Resident Sith Master to model it so everyone can tell how long it is.

    Good point about the insults. I now embrace my Inner Bitch thanks to that book you gave me.

  5. Jane

    Hey – I know I haven’t been around for a while. Been struggling a little, BUT I, too, was watching the show about Carol Burnett. You can probably find DVDs on Amazon.com. I just bought Designing Women – I do love Suzanne!!


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