Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans – Money Edition

Lyda here. It’s been a busy Tuesday, with lots of actual work going on at Cubicles R Us, so the Random Weirdness post may be… well… a bit weird. It was such a busy Tuesday that this post didn’t get posted until Thursday!

So, let’s head right into this edition of the Random Weirdness of Humans: Money Edition. Scary, kids!

1) This article has some suggestions for having a tightwad holiday. All the ideas are so obvious that it is weird that this article exists. One of the suggestions is “Make do with last year’s decorations and clothes.”

Wow. Not buying new shit. Who would have thought that would save money? And today’s “Dur” Award goes to…

2) Re-gifting is another way to save money. Even Emily Post does it. Here they say Remember to remove the old gift card – Dur again. Here’s another article about re-gifting. Yawn, nothing new here.

Of course, knitters have this all figured out. The amount of yarn circulating around the planet is staggering. Eventually it all ends up with someone who loves it, right?

3) One way to save money is to shop garage sales. People sell some weird stuff at garage sales, ya’ll, so it counts as entertainment too. Unfortunately, they seldom have the cool new video games… or yarn…

4) Another way to save money is to shop the after-holiday sales. You have to be pretty tough to hit the mall, though. My favorite place to shop the sales? The local drugstore. When they clear stuff out, they aren’t kidding. 25 cents gets you anything. Appeals to my miserly soul.

4) A way to make money is to hold your own garage sale; tips at this site called “Living on a Dime.” I may do this myself… Crazy Aunt Purl did. And – bonus link! – here is Laurie being eloquent about decluttering and actually living your life. If you search her site for “clutter” you’ll get all kind of Purls of Wisdom.

5) I’ve gone one better than garage sales. I take to the streets on Sunday afternoons. In my neighborhood, people put whatever they didn’t sell at their garage sale on the curb. If I had a truck, I could make a living collecting and then refurbishing and selling this stuff.

If you live at a big apartment complex, you can pick up stuff at the dumpsters, especially at the end of the month when people are moving.

Dumpster diving. Yes, I am that classy.

Bonus: picking up stuff from the street really embarasses your kid. Bwahahaha.

6) “The best things in life are free…” I use the library a lot. I can indulge my genetic book addiction and my weird passion for decorating magazines without spending a dime. My library has movies, too, which I can rent for a week for free.

7) I’ve had times when I felt rich and times when I felt poor, and they didn’t always relate to what was in my bank account.

My mom, who was a pro at this budget stuff, loved antiques. But not being able to afford to buy the antiques she craved made her feel poor.

Her solution? She only looked at really big pieces of furniture. Ten-foot tall armoires. Tables to seat 25. That kind of thing.

And then she would say, “Well, I could buy it, but where would I put it? It won’t fit in my house.”

8.) Yes, Mom was a genius. And she used to leave a twenty-dollar bill stuck in the book I was reading – knowing I could use it, and knowing that I would be embarassed if she handed it to me.

She also never loaned money. If someone asked to borrow $20, she would give it to them and say, “It’s not a loan. Just someday, when you can afford it, you pass it on.”

She had a zillion different jobs and several very different and successful careers, and lots of great stories. A life well lived.

9.) Just remember, as you meander through the financial jungle, some ways of making money are frowned upon. 

Renting your body is considered tacky. And there’s all that overhead: polyester and spandex clothes (garage sale time!), lots of makeup and hairspray, the pimp’s cut…

Naw, there’s got to be a better way to make money.

10) No, not that. Minting your own coins is frowned on by the Establishment. 

Although you could end up a guest of the state for 10 to 20, which would really lower your living expenses.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans – Money Edition

  1. Marin

    I saw “busy Tuesday”. I saw “November 15”. I furrowed my bushy brow and started poking around the electronics to see if any would divulge both day and date because I was all confused and thought I’d lost a couple of days ’cause that’s not at all unusual and then… then I read the next sentence.

    Moral of the story, and something my father has told me more than once: panic later.

  2. lyda Post author

    Sorry about that… my whole week has been like that.

    Re: Panic. My dad told me that too. And my son says it a lot too. You’d think I’d get it, huh?


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