Pollyanna’s zombification begins

Lyda here. The countdown is on.

My operation is scheduled for December 4th. I’ll be singing “Ding dong the bitchy horrible endless Period of Doom is dead…” Okay, I know it doesn’t scan, I’ll work on it…

In the meantime, I have my Vicodan… lovely lovely Vicodan. Took some last night and actually slept without pain for several hours at a time. Vicodan is my new best friend. The Vicodan makes me a zombie – a happy painfree zombie! – but I’ll only be taking it at night and on weekends… like my liquor… and my menz… but I digress…

And then after the operation I’ll be lurching around the hospital mumbling “Brainnnnnnsssssssssssss…..”

Or more likely “Mennnnnnnzzzzzzzzzz….” Because I will once again be interested. Well, after I’m healed. I haven’t been interested for months, which Anna-Liza can tell you is quite unusual.

I’ll be off work for at least two weeks, maybe four. Envy me the knitting and TV time.

T minus 18 days and counting.



6 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s zombification begins

  1. Marin

    Vicodin is my best friend too. We should have a club. And a handshake.

    So when we meet up on December 1, I should probably buy you many drinks. Maybe a gift certificate for some menz… you know, for after.

  2. lyda Post author

    Hey, Kelly, that would be so awesome! Let’s do it! Let’s invite others – we’ll have a Knitters Ward! The fiber will fly!

    Marin, yes, a Vicoden Club. Drinks, many drinks. And a gift certificate for menz – how perfect!! Bwahahahaha!


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