Pollyanna and the Endless Friday Whining

Dear Gods of Time and Space:

Lyda here.

Please stop messing about with the time-space continum and making the workdays go on forever. Especially stop with it today! If you keep it up, I will set the Resident Sith Master and his Sith apprentice cat, the Dread Cat Tommy, upon you. And yea, they will smite the mightily. You have been warned.

So cut it out and let it be 5:30 already!!

Thank you. 

The Seven Dwarves of the Endless Period of Doom

Ya’ll, go ahead and guess the dwarves in your comments. Reader participation!

I gotta get out of here and go hang with my gang. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. Yo yo. Nothing is cooler than a hormonally insane 47-year-old white woman using ancient street slang. Nothing.

I’m supposed to have dinner tonight with my coworkers from one of my previous work incarnations. Yes, I have had many work incarnations. I am the Queen Chameleon of Work. But I digress… I love these friends, and we have so much fun together, and we don’t see each other nearly enough, and I really want to go!!

The problem is, the longer I sit in this chair the more I feel like…

Well, you know the stray bedraggled end of the yarn that you cut off when you finish weaving in the end? That scraggly piece of yarn that falls to the floor. And then the cat plays with it, and chews it up. And then the cat sort of half-swallows it and then hacks it back up. Well, that’s what happens at my house anyway.

You know that scraggly, hacked-up, nasty piece of yarn?


That would be me.

Except I whine more than the yarn does.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Endless Friday Whining

  1. Kelly

    Yes. You ARE the coolest! Yo.

    The Dwarves? Hmmmmm…
    and… crap I need one more…

    I’m not good at this game.


  2. annaliza

    Kelly, you’re actually pretty good at that game! Personally, the only change I would make would be to delete Testy and add Weepy.


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