Pollyanna keeps on keepin’ on

Lyda here. Today I shall dwell on the social and fiber activities of this weekend. Of which there were many. I hereby declare there will be none of my incessent whining. Or I will smack myself. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Friday night I did indeed have dinner with five friends from a previous work incarnation – these people being the best part of that job, hands down – and it was good. There was good food. There were interesting drinks. There was sampling of chocolate martinis, strawberry cheesecake martinis, and beers from around the world. I stuck with decaffeinated iced tea, which was a huge surprise to them all. Seriously. They almost sent the bill back. They could not believe that I consumed neither diet soda nor margaritas. But I digress… There was lots of talking and laughing and general tomfoolery. Good times.

This weekend I had a long talk with Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother, who is bearing up well in the midst of finals. He was relaxed about it all, saying that he only had “the cake finals” left. And here I thought he was studying engineering…And I had a long long talk with Anna-Liza, in which yarn and fabric and other fibery things were discussed, plus more exciting details of her new fabulous job. The rest of the content of these two phone calls would definitely fall in the “Lyda whining excessively” category, so I’ll spare you.

And now, in fiber news:

I could have blocked the “Chuck Norris Bites Frost” scarf, but I didn’t. It will happen soon. I could have put fringe on the “Global Warming” scarf, but I didn’t. It will happen soon. I could have finished the “Twisted Sister”scarf, but I didn’t. I did work on it a bit, though. I did go to the fabric store and get the batting for both quilts, and more thread, and extra pins. And drool over the yarn, of course. But not directly ON the yarn, because that would be wrong. But I digress…

Mostly, I spent the weekend watching TV and working on the “Cosmic Prince” Quilt. I finished sewing all the rows. That’s eleven rows of fifteen squares each. That’s one hundred and sixty-five seams. That’s a lot of bending over the sewing machine, not to mention battling the Dread Cat Tommy over possession of the thread. Not that I’m whining, you understand.

And then I laid out the rows on the floor in all their colorful, cosmic princely glory.

And Tommy the Sith apprentice cat immediately attacked. Apparently those planets were getting uppity. Or maybe it was the invisible spiders. Who can say what goes on in the mind of the Dread Cat Tommy? Sleep, eat, wash, sleep, attack randomly, stare vacantly at wall, rub lamp, sleep…

And then, as I straightened out the rows again and gazed on the quilt, there was a moment of great cosmic revelation:

One of the rows was too long. It had 16 squares instead of 15.

Curses and swearwords!

I think this happened because I changed the pattern so many times, swapping fabrics and moving things around. When I pinned this row together, I must have forgotten to take out the “old” square but I also added the “new” square. Or it could have been the cat’s fault. Look at him, sitting there looking so smug.

So, I carefully picked out the seams, and removed the extra square, and sewed the correct squares together. And I reminded myself to be grateful that I discovered this mistake  unwanted pattern variation before I sewed the rows together into the quilt top. Grateful, grateful, grateful…

Since this is a short work week, I might even get this quilt top sewn together by the end of the long weekend.

Or not.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna keeps on keepin’ on

  1. Marin

    First, all you have to do is look at Frank’s stuff to know cake and engineering are not mutually exclusive.

    Second, hi Gorgeous and Available! Knitting a dowry! Do well on your tests!

    Third, perhaps Tommy is not a Sith Master, but an enlightened Zen Master, sent to point out the long row and save you from the sort of counting disaster usually only seen east of the pointy, pointy mountains.

    Happy Monday and welcome to the short week!

  2. lyda Post author

    First – excellent point, and he does cook. I think he meant the exams would be a cakewalk, or easy as… cake.. or something like that.

    Hummm, Tommy does often pretend to be a Zen Master, but I thought it was all part of his evil plotting… He is also known as the Feng Shui cat. He abhors clutter and will claw at anything left too long on the floor (except shoes, he usually just buries his nose in the shoes). He often rearranges the decorative elements on a bookshelf or table to his satisfaction. If that involves some of them falling to the floor… well, that is obviously where they need to be for optimum energy flow and harmony.

    But maybe… he can count to 15 better than I can?

  3. annaliza

    Marin, knitting a *dowry*?!? Wouldn’t that be some form of counterfeiting, or do you just have really expensive yarn?

    Lyda, there are definitely days when my cat can count better than I can, so don’t rule it out.

  4. lyda Post author

    I’ve always suspected that cats just don’t let on to humans all of the things they can do, so why not counting? Tommy hangs around the house, sleeps, plays, eats, does whatever he wants… and I go off to earn the kibble. Maybe he is smarter than me…

    Can I put in an order to be a cat in the next life?


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