Pollyanna’s fun and weird ways to waste time

Lyda here. Humans are weird, and the way we choose to spend our time reflects our basic essential weirdness. Soon I’ll have lots of time to kill (T minus 13 days to surgery and counting…), so let’s explore the weird and wacky possibilities. No worries, this post is Certified Whine-Free.

1) One popular way to kill time is wandering the Cosmic Innernetting until one’s eyes cannot focus anymore. This is sometimes known as “working on that report” in various cubicle-infested buildings. Or so I’ve heard.

Weird blogs I found strictly on my own time:

Here’s one that’s just pictures of abandoned couches. Weird. And kinda cool. And kinda disturbing after a while. Why is there no Home for Wayward Couches? Why is there no telethon?

Here’s one called FANDUMB. Check it out, a Shaun of the Dead pumpkin!

Here’s one that Marin found, Things Look Like Things, all about disparate images coming together in new ways. Or something. Look, pretty!

2) Other ways to waste   spend time: Obsessively following the news. Or the weather. Or disasters. You can do this 24/7. Ah, civilization.

If you want to get your politics on, there’s the CNN Political Ticker. And a zillion websites and blogs on politics, or that at least occasionally mention politics. Um, unlike this blog… La la la…

3) If you’ve got a few hours to spend, you can check out the results of Crazy Aunt Purl‘s Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Sweater contest.

And you can enter the new CAP contest. Anna-Liza, you better be entering this every day! And you too, Marin! A trip for two to LA, ya’ll!! Heck, I’m entering every day, and I live in OC! 

Details for both on this post on her blog. Once a stalker, always a stalker.

4) Ya’ll already know about the many fiberlicious ways to waste   spend time.

I myself worked on the Twisted Sister scarf last night. Knit, knit, oh the damn yarn is tangled again, *expletives deleted* (10 minutes of yarn detangling later…) Knit, knit, oh damn stupid ribbon yarn! (10 minutes of detangling…) Knit, knit… Forget it, where’s the ice cream?

Need different yarn!

5) Never underestimate the time-wasting potential of really bad movies. The cheesier the better. Depending on your inclination, mood, and the movie in question, you can:

  • wallow in sappiness
  • laugh at terrible special effects
  • rejoice that you are not involved with that annoying romantic lead
  • make fun of the outdated hairstyles and clothes while denying you ever looked like that yourself
  • wickedly critique the acting, makeup, costumes, sets…
  • supply better dialogue than the scriptwriters
  • nap happily, knowing that you are not missing anything worthwhile

6) But I don’t want to neglect the wonderful time you can spend watching really great movies. Personally, I can’t do the depressing ones anymore. I will certainly not be viewing anything gory, socially important, or sad-but-uplifting in the next month and a half. Nope.

There’s nothing better than watching a really great movie. Well, okay, ya’ll remind me that there are better things, but I won’t be able to do those while I’m recovering from surgery.

And if I’ve already seen a movie umpty-zillion times, I’ll still watch it again. ‘Cause that’s how I roll, ya’ll.

6) As you may have figured out, I will watch almost anything on TV. I will watch stupid TV shows, old TV shows, new TV shows, educational TV shows – almost any TV shows. If I didn’t have to sleep at night, I would probably watch TV for twelve hours a day. Or until my eyes stopped working.

I draw the line at soap operas, local news (“the bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five”), sports (makes me miss Dad too much) except for figure skating and the Olympics, and most talk shows. I also won’t watch angry shows or most “reality TV.” But that’s just me.

I will watch “America’s Next Top Model” because it’s a fascinating train wreck of a show, and I love the bizarre photo shoots. “Let’s make each girl up as a different disease, and then have them do a runway walk over a tank of pirannas.” Just too weird to miss.

7) Of course, reading is not a waste of time. Although reading a book that I can already recite word for word… no, still not a waste of time.

8.) Stalking  Reading the back-posts of my favorite bloggers is one of my favorite things. And of course, I’ve barely explored Ravelry… That should eat up some hours…

9) Creating weirder lists for one’s blog. Yes, still a knitting and quilting blog, only so much more! I’m going to be home for a month with little else to do. Ya’ll are in trouble, I’m just warning you.

10) The best and most awesome way to spend time is with people who make you laugh and make you feel safe and loved at the same time. So I’ll be spending lots of time with the Resident Sith Master, and the Dread Cat Tommy. I may improve my sniping skills, but then again, I will be able to blame my video game suckiness on the medication, so it will be good.

Plus, as a Super Special Awesome bonus…

I’m pleased to announce…

One of the best humans on the planet is coming to see me! Shiny!

Yes, it’s…. 

Drumroll please….

Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother!

Swooping in to take care of his little sister and his nephew in their hour of need. 

Proving once and for all that he is a superhero. 

Adding a whole new twist to my treatise on Whining, The Benefits of.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s fun and weird ways to waste time

  1. Lyda

    The fires, yes, sigh. No, Malibu is not very close to us, thanks for asking, Jane. We are safe. They were able to get the fire contained quickly this time as the winds were not strong enough to keep the fire planes and helicopters grounded this time. At least 35 houses were destroyed, there were injuries among the firefighters, but thankfully no one died. They said on the news that there was a lot of brush in the area of this fire. They don’t know yet if it was set deliberately or if it was an accident. The Governator was on the scene pretty fast too; is it election time already?


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