Pollyanna Celebrates the Wonder of the Blogiverse

Lyda here. And Anna-Liza, too.

The Pollyannas are pleased as punch and blushing up a storm to read this from Marin.  If ya’ll haven’t already,  go back and read all her previous posts, totally worth it – or at least keep up from now on. Hi, Marin, still stalking you!

Well, we can’t re-gift the award to Marin of AntiM and the Rickety Blog, because Kim beat us to it. Marin not only makes me smile but makes me snort diet soda out of my nose and fall on the ground laughing. Really. Ya’ll should see the bruises. (And Marin beat us to giving the award to Kelly, too. Sneaky.)

And we won’t give it to the celebrity knitbloggers – Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl. Franklin of The Panopticon. Annie Modesitt of Knitting Heretic. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of Yarn Harlot. Ya’ll know. – even though they make us smile, because of the restraining orders   ya’ll already know how good they are. Just to clarify: The restraining orders are for me, not my saner non-stalking BFF. But ya’ll already figured that out, huh? But I digress. You know, we really need to get you a social life. We can get me one, too, while we’re shopping.

So, we will pass along the Make Me Smile Award to these very worthy receipents, in no particular order at all:

Frank of Frank Notes: Because he is funny and wise, and has a heart bigger than all of Texas. Plus, he is so very talented. His knitting and baking are the stuff of legend. Not just baking, oh no! Have you seen his fabulous cakes? His sewing, his embroidery? Go look. No, really, it’s totally worth it. And as if that weren’t enough, congratulations are in order! Balloons! Confetti! Cheering!

Red of Journal of a Red-Headed Goddess: Okay, she had me at “goddess.” But how could we not love her? She knits beer can cozies and thongs, for cryin’ out loud. She’s funny and wicked and wonderful. And she throws a hell of a party, too. And her spinning! It’s almost scary how much good stuff comes in one shapely red-headed package.

Jody Reale, of Kill Your Lunch Hour: Who I discovered recently (thanks to Marin’s blogroll) and who isn’t a knitter but who is freaking hilarous and a seriously “oh I wanna be that good a writer when I grow up” kind of writer.

Rabbitch makes me smile, giggle, guffaw, and (before I learned to put the drink down before reading her) snort various caffeinated liquids out my nose. She’s unabashedly bawdy, and is also an extremely talented hand-dyer and spinner of yarn. And of yarns.

And Karen of Mintlatte’s Crafty Place who is kind, crafty, and just plain ol’ good folks. I can’t comment on her blog because I apparently have not enough brain to get set up on Windows Live Spaces, but she knows we read her and now she knows we love her, too.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kids.



2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Celebrates the Wonder of the Blogiverse

  1. KarenM.

    Awww… y’all are just too sweet, even if you have needles of doom (frankly I am not sure who else I would trust with needles of doom…..)
    Lyda – I am so glad you liked the package…take good care to let yourself slow down enough to recover 🙂


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