Pollyanna and the Embarassment of Riches

Lyda here. Doing okay; the surgery went okay and the recovery is proceeding, but sitting at the computer is not comfortable yet. Thank you all for the good wishes and positive energy!

The knitting community is unlike any other. I have never known so many generous and giving people. People who care about each other even though they may never met in person. People who donate time and knitting to all kinds of good causes. People who put up with my whining. And most amazing, people who actually give precious fiber to people they have never met!

Friday I came home to a special package. Very generous, very wonderful. Thank you so much, KarenM / mintlatte. You are amazing!

I opened the shiny golden box to find:

  • A charming note from KarenM, saying she thought I “totally needed a happy package” – and this sure was!!
  • Five count ’em five skeins of Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist in the “Fruity” colorway
  • Six very cute stitch markers – my first ever stitch markers!
  • An interactive CD-ROM called “Knitting Made Easy” which Karen said “is kind of cheesy but has some GREAT technique video” and she found it a big help for those “do WHAT?!?” moments of learning knitting.
  • AND 13″ circular needles (29″ length) in a very cool metallic purple – they even match the yarn, awesome!

Sorry, ya’ll will have to find your own links today.

Sunday I met AntiM live and in person!

She had me at “meet Marin.” But she had a massively huge surprise for me – she brought me yarn!! She had a big baggie filled with yarn – a surprise “knit my way to recovery” gift from her. I will put the specifics in another post soon.

AntiM yarn – super special awesome! What can I ever make with it that will live up to its pedigree?

And she had two bags of goodies from that other Pollyanna, the sneak, who loaded Marin down with yarn, needles, knitting books, and non-knitting books for my recovery pleasure. Anna-Liza, thank you so much!! How did Marin have room for her own knitting?? Again, I’ll put specifics in another post.

And so, Sunday night, I was watching TV and contemplating my new stash – hey! I got stash! – after bro had gone to bed.

So you know what I did?

Did I cast on with some of the new soft amazing yarn? Did I plunge into one of the books? Did I spread the yarn out on my bed and roll in all the soft and wonderful fiber??

Nope. I put the fringe on the Global Warming Scarf and FINISHED it. Yes! It’s geography!

Now I can start on something new without any UFOs lurking in the background.

But where to begin…?


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Embarassment of Riches

  1. Marin

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well… and better… and I’ll continue to mojo your way, though I don’t know if the heavy, heavy atmosphere of Houston lets the mojo out.

    Let’s assume if I can mojo across the stupid, pointy mountains, I can mojo out of a wet paper Houstong.

    I think it shows remarkable restraint and maturity that you FOd before you COd with all that new stuff to choose from.


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