Pollyanna continues with the Embarassment of Riches

Lyda here. Have a few moments to myself, so of course I thought of ya’ll!

“Cause I know ya’ll are waiting for details on the fiber gifts.

Marin brought me a big baggie containing:

  • three skeins of Alice Starmore Hebridean 3-ply in the “Pebble Beach” colorway, a wonderful heathery yarn, kind of tan/brownish with flecks of yellow and blue and burnt orange (can’t wait to see what this looks like knitted!), 100% wool and made in Great Britain
  • two skeins and a bit extra of Garnstudio’s Angora-Tweed  from Oslo, Norway – isn’t that where fiber was invented? – 30% angora, 70% merinowool, “Drops Design” in a tweedy blue, soft and interesting (“Color 13”)
  • two skeins of the same yarn in tweedy soft green (“Shade 05”)
  • two skeins ditto in tweedy bluish purple (“Shade 03”)
  • two skeins ditto in a heathery purple (“Col. 12”)
  • two skeins ditto in a soft light gray (“Col. 02”)

All together now: “Ooohhh, foreign stash!”

Thanks again and again, Marin!

Does all that convey to you how big this bag is? I’m surprised the airport didn’t think she was smuggling a whole sheep.

My stash runneth over!


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna continues with the Embarassment of Riches

  1. Marin

    I’m so glad you like it. Those are both the now-happily-gifted results of having NO IDEA how much yarn I would need for a scarf. To give you some mental image, I knitted a moebius scarf for the SIL that took three skeins of the Alice Starmore and a scarf and hat for a friend that took about three skeins of the angora.

    I’m just glad it has a good home. It’s too lovely to sit in my yarn room pining for a project.

  2. Marin

    p.s. — I wish I still had the box. The Alice Starmore actually came from Scotland. It was the most exciting package I’d ever got.

    And, yes, that does include several ex-boyfriends.

  3. annaliza

    It was a whole sheep, really. Just sheared and turned into yarn! I knew Marin was going to give you some of the really good stuff, and she did! Exotic stash–so cool!

    Does it occur to anyone that this sounds like we’re talking about drugs? I guess we sorta kinda are …

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