Pollyanna Plays with New Needles

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

Well, this needle felting thing has proven to be almost as addictive as knitting. It’s not quite so portable, mainly because I have concerns about carrying extremely sharp, tiny needles around and possibly losing them or accidentally skewering strangers with them. Or breaking them. And it is necessary to have a steady table to work on. But the projects go pretty darn fast, at least the little ones I’ve been playing around with.

I’ve put aside the flat piece–the autumn tree–for a bit, as I’ve decided to make some Christmas ornaments. I’ve completed a candy cane and a star, and I’ve got a ball almost done–I think it needs something more done to it but I can’t decide what. And I’m trying to make an angel–more ambitious, as it requires making separate parts and then felting them together. I think I like the three-dimensional projects a bit more than the flat, but then I have almost entirely focused on three-dimensional so far.

I’ve pulled out some of the batt and roving I had for spinning to add to the needle felting. The projects I’ve done so far (and foresee doing) don’t require a lot of fiber, so it won’t eat into my spinning stash too much. I’ve also dug out some remnants of wool yarn to use. I’m finding that single-ply yarns work best, like Lamb’s Pride, but plied yarns do work. I haven’t tried mixing in novelty yarns yet, but that will come soon.

Here’s the cat toy I made first:

Kitty toy

In other craft news, I’ve almost finished Darlin’ K’s birthday hat,

Darlin’ K’s hat

but I’ve run out of yarn and it’s not long enough yet! (Darlin’ K likes to have a “cuff” to turn up so there’s a double layer over his ears). Not to worry, my friend Jean says she has some in her stash, so I will be able to finish it soon. This is just your basic 2 x 2 rib hat.

I’ve started the one knit holiday gift I’m going to make, although it took a few tries to get the pattern changes figured out. Well, most of the pattern changes. There’s one more to come that I can’t work out ’til I get there. This Christmas knitting thing would be more fun if I could blog about it openly, but there’s a 50/50 chance the recipient will read this.

When I’ve got the Christmas ornaments done, or at least one more of them, I’ll take a picture for you.

In the meantime, our annual Christmas Tree Hunt had to be postponed due to heavy snow. We’ve done this for at least 10 years now, and this is either the first or maybe the second time we’ve had to postpone. As a result, I think we’ll have fewer people coming–next weekend is getting sort of late in the season for putting up Christmas trees for a lot of people, and also a lot of people have packed schedules at this time of year. It’s just as well, though–I have a cold that I just can’t seem to kick, so staying home and cozying up to my super sharp, nastily barbed felting needles is just the ticket. However, I’m also not getting any of my remaining Christmas shopping done.

Oh well. I generally don’t get super stressed about the holidays–I’ll let myself get that way for a day or two, but I try to remember that it’s not about creating a “perfect” tree or meal or event. Religion aside (there are a lot of mid-winter holidays going on, and I truly don’t understand what could be considered “Christian” about refusing to recognize the other holidays, some of which are older than Christmas … okay, I’ll just divert that rant right now) the focus for me is gratitude, love, and connection. As long as I keep that in mind, everything is, indeed, perfect.

(sigh) I’m such a Pollyanna.


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