Pollyanna’s Friends Make the Season Bright

Lyda here. I’ve been enjoying my last week of freedom  leisure  recovery before I return to work. And spending as much time as possible with the Resident Sith Master, which is my real holiday treat.

So, how were/are your holidays? Did Santa bring you the yarn of your dreams?

My stash basket already runneth over, with yarn of incredible provenance. AntiM yarn! BFF yarn! KarenM yarn! The yarn from KarenM is becoming a baby blanket, and I’m loving knitting up this soft colorful yarn. And plotting the next project, now that I’m off medication and can count again…

The Resident Sith Master gave me a copy of “Mort” by Terry Pratchett. Weirdly, I had not been able to find this particular Discworld book and had not read it yet. See, I told you it was weird. Of course I finished it the same day.

You know what? Humans are really an amazing and lovable species. No, really.

I have this one group of friends that I met them in one of my many previous work incarnations. Although I left that job long ago – four years? five? it’s all a blur – I got to keep the friends. We try to get together once a month or so for dinner and laughter and maybe a few drinks and, always, decadent desserts.

These friends designated one person to bring over some handmade, frozen meals for us after my surgery. Yummy and so very welcome. And then right before Christmas, two of them came over with gifts from the whole gang.

They were teasing me about how they drew straws to see who would deliver them, because they all knew I would cry. I’m pretty famous for crying. My son won’t look at me during a concert or graduation because he knows I’ll be crying with pride. Ya’ll, I cry during commercials, and not just sappy “home for the holidays” stuff. But I digress… They were right, of course, I got all misty-eyed and choked up. Okay, I cried. Just a bit.

But friends understand.

BFF has been calling regularly to check in on me, of course, and to make me laugh. And so have my siblings. My editor sent flowers and fruit. I just love saying “my editor.” My coworkers sent a card and a gift certificate. My son’s dad – my ex-husband, ya’ll! – drove Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother to the airport two hours away for his departing flight. Friends have been sending funny cards, and stopping by to check in on us, and calling.

My heart is full. My body is healing. And I’m learning to trust the Universe again.

Next time, more knitting news, and some Random Weirdness perhaps.

Ho ho ho, ya’ll.


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