Pollyanna and the Old New Year

Hi, it’s Anna-Liza.

There’s no doubt that New Year’s Eve is just not the exciting thing it used to be. It’s hard to say whether it’s middle age or small kids, but the magic is just not so evident anymore.

Darlin’ K’s fire gig didn’t end up happening, so we went to a friend’s “family friendly” New Year’s party. We had a pretty nice time, let the kids stay up late (Mr. B didn’t make it to midnight, but Mr. R did), chatted and watched the ball drop on TV, had champagne, gave kisses … but I have to say, the turn of the year just doesn’t have the impact it used to.

I’m a firm believer in creating magic in life and taking advantage of every possible occasion to do so, but this year it seemed like such a chore. I’ve been writing “2008” on things for a while now, having trouble remembering that it was still 2007, which is rather odd. I don’t know, was it sort of a fizzle for anyone else? Maybe I’m just getting more dull with age and the world is reflecting that back to me.

(sigh) Oh well, I guess life can’t always be fascinating. We’re coming into what is my least favorite time of year now–winter-after-Christmas, when getting outside takes more effort than seems worth it, but cabin fever is poised and ready to strike if the effort isn’t made. Solstice was less than two weeks ago and I’m all ready for the spring equinox! Or shall I be honest and tell you I’m ready for 75 degree days and taking my down coat to the cleaners?

I didn’t make resolutions this year, per se. I have decided that I need to treat myself more kindly, but I didn’t put it into any kind of formula, like “reserve 20 minutes a day for meditation” (that’s sort of an ongoing resolution that I break pretty regularly, then go back to for a while). It’s more like … I have my ideal self and I know how I actually am. If I’m willing to forgive my fellow humans for the fact that they’re human and, therefore, fallible, perhaps I can apply that kindness to myself when I fall short (which is pretty much always). So, treat myself well by choosing healthier foods, but also be kind to myself when I decide at one moment that, dammit, I’m having barbeque-bacon-cheeseburger and fries because I am sick of salads.

There are a number of things I would like to do better this year. I want to put more energy into my marriage and into my own spiritual work. I want to spend more time on creative stuff, like knitting and this blog. I want to spend more time nurturing my friendships.

But I think, to be kinder to myself is the foundation of all of that. Treating myself with kindness will spill into treating others more kindly. And what better work can we do in this world right now than to increase the net level of kindness in it?

May you and yours have health, prosperity and joy in this new year, and have them abundantly.


One thought on “Pollyanna and the Old New Year

  1. lyda

    I heartily endorse being kinder to yourself! And agree that it is the foundation of all the rest. This is one of my “resolutions” also.

    “Coincidence? We don’t think so.” (Ha, if anyone recognizes that quote I will indeed be impressed. I will probably fall over out of my chair while snorting diet soda. Or water, which I am trying to drink more of, see “kinder to self”…)


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