Pollyanna Learns Her Lessons

Lyda here. Let’s give this “Review of 2007” stuff a try. Or “I got nothin’ today.”

Here is what I learned in 2007:

1) How to knit. A bit, at least, and a bit of knitting gives me a warm glow. I also learned about the Evil Curling Stockinette, and the Importance of Naming Each WIP.

2) Knitters have an extra “Generosity” gene in their DNA. They will even share actual fiber with each other – even when they haven’t met said whiny newbie knitter (that would be me) in real life. Amazing!

3) Good friends and family are there for you even when you are a whiny mess. Enough with the self-referencing links…

4) My son never stops with the amazingness. Every year as his birthday approaches, I think, “But he’s so cool at this age!” And then the next year is even better. I don’t know how he does this. Probably some Force power that only Sith Masters have.

5) Everything is fodder for the blog. Every. Thing.

6) Humans are my favorite species. A total stranger can save your life, or make your day. Of course, I’m including cats, dogs, and elephants as “humans” too.

7) I can write a lot. And I can do it every day. Blogging as a cure for writer’s block.

8.) Other people think I’m funny. Shiny!

9) I’m an overachiever. See: straight As in grad school, baby gifts that morph into queen-size quilts, the Global Warming Scarf, a scarf that’s 10 feet long… and basically the rest of the blog.

10) I have awesome taste in friends. Or amazing luck. Or something. I got excellent Friend Mojo.

And that day in college when I met Anna-Liza… that day 26 years ago?

That proves my Awesome Friend Mojo right there. And many many times this year, she proved it again. As she does every year. Ya’ll should be so lucky in your BFF.

We’re still crazy after all these years. In a good way.

Mostly good anyway.

And when we’re not

 – – –

That’s when it gets really awesome.


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