Pollyanna and the Endless Cold

Anna-Liza here.

I have a cold. I have either had several unusually severe colds in quick succession, or I have had the same cold with varying levels of symptoms for, oh, about a month. Or five weeks. Maybe two months. I can’t even concentrate on anything very complex in knitting.

Well, except for the fingerless mitts I’m making Mr. R. He asked for some like the ones I made Zombie Son and myself, except like Spiderman. So that’s what I’m making–red and black spiderweb-pattern Fair Isle fingerless mitts (almost gauntlets, really) to fit a six year old. I finished the first one tonight, at knit night. I’ll cast on the second once he’s tried this one on–the stranding makes them less stretchy than the others I’ve made. I’m pretty much making them up as I go. Pictures when I have them. I’m not thrilled with how the curvy bits of the web are turning out, but we’ll see what he thinks. But I digress … Lyda, you’re a bad influence!

Anyway, this Methuselah-cold is apparently going around. People all around me are sniffling, red-nosed, Dayquil-guzzling semi-zombies, and all of us keep saying “I can’t believe how long this cold is lasting!”

None of us, of course, can afford to take much time off, so people are coming to work sick (including me). Bad, bad, bad, but using up all one’s vacation time to nurse a cold is way up there on the depressing-things-I-don’t-want-to-do list. (We have Paid Time Off, rather than Vacation Time and Sick Time, so you have a set amount of time you can use for whatever you need to).

I hope things are healthier wherever you happen to be. If not …

Bless you. 


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Endless Cold

  1. lyda

    Heh. I AM a bad influence! Digressing AND zombies in the same post.

    Assimilation works both ways, baby!

    Take it easy and get better.

  2. Marin

    I’ve had the same cough and giant phlegm ball for three weeks now.

    Mucinex helps that, if that’s what you have. The doctor doesn’t care to hear about it anymore, but she did recommend the Mucinex.

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