Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans, Now Including Random Knitting!

Lyda here. I’m feeling more random than usual today… be warned.

Here’s this week’s Random Weirdness of HumansExtra Random Edition – Now with Knitting!

1) I was watching a report on the presidential candidates, and there was film of Obama standing on a stage with music playing, and it was “The child is white, the child is black…”

It is so wrong that I thought of this:


2) The search for that image also led to this post, and I had to include it. I know, enough Star Trek already. But this is really funny. If you don’t read it, your polarity will be reversed, and you’ll be forced to squeegie the Holodeck.

As one commentor said, “It’s all fun and games until you’re trapped in a Holodeck with Jack the Ripper and the safety’s off.”

3) And reading the comments to that blog post led me to Dr. Who. Why doesn’t my PBS station show it anymore? Why???

Oops! Knitting blog! Uh-oh!!

Wait – what about the long scarf that Tom Baker wore as Dr. Who? Whew.

The story goes that the costume designer bought a bunch of yarn in different colors and handed it to a knitter with instructions to make a scarf. The knitter used all of the yarn, resulting in a scarf variously reported as 13 feet to 20 feet long. I have no idea if this story is true.

Should you wish to construct your own Dr. Who scarf, there are instructions based on the original scarf here. Or you can go with the “official BBC” scarf pattern.

See? Knitting!

4) And Dr. Who lead me to thinking of the new “Horton Hears a Who” movie. Don’t get me wrong; I love the book and I have no idea if the movie is good or not. But –

I’m really really relieved that now that the Resident Sith Master is a teen, I am no longer required by Parenting Law to see animated movies.

5) And the Dr. Seuss connection reminded me that I gave my son this as his annual Xmas ornament:


I found Yertle in the storage box when I was looking for our stockings this year. I don’t know if I bought this ornament last year, or two years ago… But there he was, ready to give, and keeping me from breaking our new-ornament-every-year tradition.

I suspect next year’s ornament may be… knitted…

6) And then I started to feel guilty that I’m not including more knitting content in my Random Weirdness posts… but I was still thinking about turtles.

So I found ya’ll this at Knitty:


His shell comes off, ya’ll!


That’s right – turtle nudity, right here on PRS Ltd. That should make for some interesting hits.

I guess he could wrap up in this while his shell is being polished (oh gods, the hits!):


And I found a whole knitting site called “Little Turtle Knits.”

7) And then of course I had to wander around the Knitty site, and I found these ballerina slippers:


And then I fell in love with this Spanish dancer shawl:


8.) And those two things reminded me that my first ambition in life was to be a ballerina. I took lessons for years.

And that I did Spanish dancing with the Youth Theater group I belonged to. We also did tap, jazz, and what I can only describe as “musical theater” dancing. Acting, singing, dancing – I was a triple threat.

I made a multi-colored tafetta circle skirt for that dance group, which I later wore as a gypsy costume for Halloween parties. I kept that skirt until it rotted away. Maybe I should make myself a new version.

9) Which made me wonder, when was the last time I dressed up in costume? The year my son dressed as Harry Potter, I wore my Hogwarts sweatshirt and told people I was an alumni. That was a while ago, ya’ll.

Or was it for the Renaissance Faire? I haven’t been in a couple three years. I used to go with my dear friend the Irish Beauty, who appreciates medieval fun and was a fine partner in both cute-men-ogling and mocking-stuff. She got married and moved to Palm Springs a while ago. I miss her.

Anyway, it’s been too long since I dressed in costume.

10) One of these scarves would be perfect for the Renaissance Faire.

Puff the Merino Dragon:


Or maybe you prefer a plague of rats?


The Moral of this Post is clear: All thoughts lead to fiber.


With some detours along the way of course…


And see? I can write a whole post without mentioning zombies.

What? Oh.



5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans, Now Including Random Knitting!

  1. Red

    My Dad had me watch that episode because he said it was the first time he’d thought about racism and how stupid it really is. And I vote dragon over rats. Are we voting?

  2. lyda Post author

    I like the dragon too. The “fire” coming from his nostrils is fringe. (They are two separate kits, but then we’d have the patterns. Bwahahaha!)

    Both scarves also have a cool Terry Pratchett vibe.

  3. Marin

    Reasons I Hate Star Trek number 3 — that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout, baby.

    Turtle nudity makes me happy. Let’s face it, most nudity makes me happy.


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