Pollyanna forgets the words…

Lyda here. I’ve been driving the Resident Sith Master crazy with weird versions of “Things that make you go…” He suggested I share my humor via the blog instead.

Just so ya’ll know who to blame for this.


We’ll have our one-year blogversary in March. Secret planning is going on, ya’ll. Shh. So far, we’ve had over 16,000 hits to our blog. Our hits for this month are the highest ever –yes, higher than all those hits we got the month You-Know-Who  mentioned she met Anna-Liza (here and here). And we’ve still got two weeks left in January and maybe if I mention “boobs” and other such things we’ll get even more hits.

I’m guessing there is a bigger population of zombies cruising the Cosmic Innernetting than anyone suspects…

And I know it’s extremely dorky for me to be so excited that people are finding our blog. And hopefully reading it. “You like us! You really like us!”


Good news: it’s okay if we forget stuff.

I forget the words a lot. I’ll be talking along and suddenly I’ll hit a… blank. Can’t think of the word I need. Frustrating for me, very annoying for the Resident Sith Master. At least now I know I’m normal. Okay, at least I know that forgetting the words is normal. The rest of me? Not so much “normal” as “crazy zombie cleaning woman.” Not sleeping…. Must clean…. arrgghhhh… This morning, the Sith Master asked me, “But what else is there to clean?” I said, “Look at that clean light switch. Now look at the one over here. See?! I need to clean!”

That’s right. I was tempted to stay home today and clean my light switches.

I am the queen. The Crazy Cleaning Zombie Queen.

But I digress…

Sometimes I didn’t know the words in the first place. Ya’ll know how there are those songs on the radio, and you sing along, and suddenly you realize that, even though you have heard and sung this song forever…

You have been singing it wrong all along?

Like, “I’m not talking about millenia…” It turns out he’s singing “I’m not talking about movin’ in…” Oh. Yeah. That works too.

Yeah, me neither. Uh-huh.

And anyway, now I just sing “duh”, as in “You got the best of my duh.” Hi, Marin, still stalking you!

Of course, I do have the lyrics to umpteen musical scores in my head. If anyone needs to know the words to “We Need a Little Christmas” or “Molasses to Rum,” I’m your gal.

Funny how it never comes up…


Interlude – A musical relationship:

He: “Let’s Misbehave.”

She: “I’m just a gal who can’t say no.

He: Why Can’t You Behave?”

She: “There’s gotta be something better than this!”

He: “Stay with me

She: “As long as he needs me…”

He: “Some other time

She: “I can do bloody well without you!”


I heard this the other day, and I guess really listened for the first time. Did they just say “Shiny happy people holding hands…”???

And then I realized, R.E.M. really did say “shiny” – and that made me happy. SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE SINGING ALONG!

And then I read this.

Irony. Oh.

Never mind.


More good news: Your mother was wrong. About going blind reading in dim light, anyway.

Also about going blind doing that other thing.

Um. So I hear…

Ummm, quick, everyone sing: 

“Shiny happy zombies reading blogs…”


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna forgets the words…

  1. Kelly

    My Nana always thought that Kenny Rogers was singing, “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille, with four hundred children and a crop in the field.” Oh, and how could I forget “you decorated my wife.” Of course this is the same woman that wondered why on earth anyone would call their band Haulin’ Oats.

    Donuts make my brown eyes, donuts make my brown eyes, donuts make my brown eyes bluuuuuuuuuuue

  2. lyda Post author

    Four hundred children – no wonder she left!!!

    Oh Kelly, you made my green eyes water, I’m laughing so hard…

    “Haulin’ Oats… har!


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