Pollyanna and the Weekend Zombie Encounters

Lyda here. Ya’ll, Monday comes too soon, doesn’t it?

Here in Southern California we’re having our rainy season. Where we live, it’s meant mostly gentle rain, with a few hours of gusting winds and pounding torrents of water mixed in for variety. When I first moved here, it took me a while to get used to how brown the hills are in the summer, and how green everything gets this time of year. Now I see the beauty in the ambers and browns of the summer, and enjoy the vivid jade of our early spring.

Saturday morning, the Resident Sith Master took his SAT test. The Evil Stepmother drove him to the test, and I accompanied them at his request. Sometimes two moms are better than one. And sometimes one is too much, but that’s another story…

It was perfectly clear that morning, and everything had that freshly-washed look from the rain. The mountains were completely covered in snow and stood out against the bluest sky. The grasses around the Back Bay were bright green with dots of yellow and white wildflowers, all of it wet and sparkling in the sunshine.

One of those perfect moments.

Once my son was in line for the test, the Evil Stepmom dropped me off at home, and I did a little knitting on the Lumberjack of the Lake scarf, also known as the Airspeed of an Unladed Wooster scarf, while I talked to Anna-Liza (for quite a while – heh), and then headed out to retrieve the Sith Master. He was relieved to have the test done, and thinks he did pretty well.

We spent the weekend mostly at home, although I ventured out Sunday during a break in the rain to do a few errands. Played some video games, knitted, just relaxed. Nice.

We rented “Resident Evil” (2002), the first movie in the series and enjoyed it completely. We saw the second and third movies last week. Good stuff, not for the kiddies but not too bloody or gory. Highly recommended zombie fun.

Saturday night, I watched “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” (1954) which I didn’t remember at all. I know this is a classic and the underwater sequences were unusual for the time, and all, but I found it very slow-paced. And not at all scary. Maybe it’s better in the original 3D. There is an interesting sequence with the girl swimming and the creature mimicing her movements below her – a kind of monster underwater ballet. And there is an ancient amphibian named after the creature. Maybe I was just too tired to appreciate the movie (stupid not-sleeping!).

The Wolfman” (1941) remains my favorite of the classic horror movies. It creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere that holds up still, the story is compelling, and the acting is top-notch. It was the first scary movie I ever saw, and it still scares me. But I digress…

This multi-named scarf is coming along. Details on yarn and such here. I’m making stripes of Lumberjack (red and black) and gray. Each stripe is 7 rows wide, and I started on the fourth stripe last night. It’s easy (just the knit stitch, ma’am) and fun to see my idea coming to life in my hands. And although I had to stop to rest my hands several times (stupid fibromyalgia!), I have finished one skein of yarn and am almost done with the second. I’ve got two skeins (one of each color) left. A normal scarf could probably be made with just two skeins, but I want my brother to be really warm so I’ll probably end up using all the yarn. “You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a scarf at you.” But you can expect to be warm.

A rainy weekend spent with my son, my knitting, and the purring Dread Cat Tommy.

And zombies.



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