Pollyanna Does Nothing About It

Anna-Liza here, and the “it” I’m doing nothing about is the weather. No one else is, either, but everyone’s complaining about it. “Everyone” being the Yarn Harlot, Franklin, Marin (here and here), mintlatte, me … that’s everyone, right? It’s a little odd, but at least I know I’m not alone! Lyda hasn’t said too terribly much about it, except to mention she doesn’t like how cold it is in ORANGE FREAKIN’ COUNTY, but she probably thought, after my description of the temperatures here, that maybe she shouldn’t.

Happy Imbolc (belated) aka St. Brigid’s Day, and Happy Groundhog Day to those who don’t get Imbolc. (How did Imbolc morph into Groundhog Day, anyway? Freaky).

I celebrated Imbolc very informally, by going to the Denver Creative Festival (as mentioned before) with Darlin’ K’s aunt and cousin. His uncle joined us later in the day, too. It was a fun day, and I got to meet mintlatte and her mom at lunchtime! Cheryl Oberle had a booth there. I hadn’t realized that she’s been dying yarn for even longer than she’s been an author and all-around knitting goddess, but she had some really gorgeous stuff on display. She kindly autographed my copy of Folk Shawls for me, and we had a nice time chatting.

Aunt, cousin and I all took the Beading on Fabric class, which was quite fun. We learned several different stitch techniques to use with different kinds of beads and sequins, and had a quick overview of what kinds of beads are out there and their uses. I’d never heard of Arley Berryhill before reading about his classes, but I would definitely take another class from him. If he does it next year, I might even take a day off to take his Goddess Icon Workshop–it looks wonderful. The beading class was only an hour long, so we didn’t get to finish our beaded motifs, but there are enough beads and sequins in the class kit to finish. If I can find a 3 or 4 inch embroidery hoop, I plan to finish it just to see how it comes out. I don’t think beading will take the place of knitting in my creative life, but I like using beaded embellishments. I may do a beaded fringe on the Shifting Sands scarf I’m making now. I’m thinking pale green and lavender crystals, in about a three or four inch fringe. Maybe looped.

Today, I’m staying in and catching up with laundry and suchlike domestic tasks. I’ve frogged my winter hat, as it was rather boring in spite of the lovely yarn. I’ve cast on again for one of Laurie’s slouchy berets. This yarn gives me a gauge of 4 stitches to the inch, so I did a little math to convert her pattern (which is based on 3 stitches to the inch). It’s too soon to tell how it will turn out, but it will be more interesting than the dull basic stocking cap I was making before.

No, that does not count as a new project. Does not. But I might cast on some socks–mintlatte showed me her Pomatomus at the festival and that was enabling inspiring. Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a sock, and it’s a pattern I’ve been intrigued with since it first showed up on Knitty.com.

Then again, I’ve picked up the top-down raglan sweater for Mr. B again, so maybe I’ll resist the sock urge for a bit longer. And then, too, I’ve been thinking of making a Butterfly Moebius out of some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (colorway Vera, scroll down here) I’ve been hoarding …

Oh, and I have to come up with a costume by Saturday, possibly winter/Narnia related. It will need to be something I can move comfortably in and is (for preference) not flammable. It’s for Frozen Balls, at which Darlin’ K is firespinning. Ideas? Expense is an object. I have a grey velvet Tibetan-style tunic ….


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Does Nothing About It

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  2. Marin

    Did I mention Cheryl Oberle lives, like, six blocks from me and is my close and personal friend? OK… she knows my name and comes to my LYS a lot.


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