Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans, “Love, American Style” edition

Lyda here. Does anyone remember that show but me? Class? Anyone? Anyone?

There are so many kinds of love. But since this is the weekly Random Weirdness of Humans, ya’ll know that we will be exploring the more… unusual aspects of love.

1 ) Tough love: But All You Have Are Seven Cats and a Yarn Collection…

2) Puppy love. “And they called it…”

I included this just so I could go there. Oh yes, I did.

And now that song is stuck in your head.


3) Size-does-matter love. When you care enough to make the very biggest… 

4) Love of art. Weird sculpture. Cool.

And while we are talking art, what about Love of the tall tale?

5) Love of one’s country. You must read the link’s sheepy goodness. Put down the drink before you read this one, lest you snort liquid up your nose.

6) Love of sex. Woody Allen. John Carradine. Gene Wilder. It’s an educational film. Really.

“Are you fondling my lambswool sweater?”

7) Muskrat LoveOr is that “Muskrat Duh”?

8) Forbidden love.


Lick the pig! 

9) Alpaca love:


10) Zombie Love. Brains!


One thought on “Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Humans, “Love, American Style” edition

  1. Red

    Glad to know someone is surfing the net for me finding only the juciest stories so that my limited surfing time at home can be well spent. I can’t comment from work but thanks for entertaining!


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