Pollyanna, Prolific Fiber News Reporter

Lyda here. Five posts yesterday. I was going for ten, but I managed to restrain myself. Barely. If you haven’t been here for a few days, scroll down. I know Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother read some yesterday, because I sent him the link to Kelly’s fabulous post of geeky perfection.

In case that wasn’t nerdy enough for you, here are 20 pop-culture obsessions even geekier than Monty Python. You will note that Star Trek is first on the list. My geekiness remains unchallenged. Not fiber-related, but a fun timesuck. 

Wait, there are costumes involved, and the Dr. Who section mentions the 25-foot scarf. Ha! Fiber!

I did go vote yesterday. My polling place was at the city hall this year, which it turns out is just across the freeway from me. Good to know, in case I need to get a marriage-of-convenience license or change my name to Gerty McGeek.

The city hall is next to the police station, which is across the street from the fairgrounds. This is convenient, in case the sheep and goats have a rumble at the county fair. Or the llamas riot and overthrow the judges in a fleecy mutiny.

But I digress…

Speaking of politics, I’m sure ya’ll will be thrilled to know that Congress is going to revive the lagging economy by breeding alpacas.

The Onion also has election coverage that is a bit… different than what we see on T.V.

And a knitted escape ladder, and a story about a boycott on knitting afghan blankets. You can get in on the fun with this or maybe a new knitting bag.

See? Fiber-related.

No actual knitting or quilting.

But fiber-related.

Still to come:

  • Posts from Anna-Liza! I know ’cause I peeked.
  • Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat!
  • And movie reviews to write.

Film at 11.


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