Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Black Valentine Swag

Lyda here. Ya’ll, this is going to be picture-heavy post. Because…


Oh yes I did!

Ya’ll are going to be so sorry you didn’t enter her Black Valentine Contest! Mark your calendar for next year, baby!


Just look at the hugeness of it! That’s what he said.

Black Valentine socks. A package of 20 postcards, including one of a unicorn throwing up a rainbow. Heh!  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate in a red heart box. Who needs a man when I have chocolate!

The Teeny-Weeny Martini Set, with 2 tiny martini glasses, an ice cube tray, a mini metal shaker, 2 stirrers, and a recipe book. Teeny-weeny. That’s what she said! 

Wait, how about some close-ups?! (Just click on the pics for a larger view.)


The books “What is Goth?” and “Paint It Black: A Guide to Goth Homemaking” by Voltaire. Decorating: the Dark Side.

A 26th anniversary DVD of “The Jerk” starring Steve Martin. “I don’t need anything. Except this chair…”

A Love Stinks hex doll suitable for hurling at walls. In lieu of the actual person who broke one’s heart – ’cause people bitch so much when you hurl them at walls. And while the blood washes off, getting the brains cleaned off is trickier. But I digress… The hex doll has a bag of candy bones, skulls and hearts too.


A package of “it’s happy bunny” stickers, including one that says “I have a dream. And in it something eats you.” Bwahaha!  Maria Evora Spanish sea salt and carob soap. It’s black! It’s gothing up my bathroom as we speak.  A skull and black lace spiral notebook, perfect for my zombie journaling.  A one-pound package of Purcell Mountain Farms Black Valentine beans. Black Valentine beans! Only Marin could have found those!!


A mustachioed vampire button that is a beer bottle opener! Black nail polish. Maybelline Express Finish #1, 60-second polish – for the depressed on the go. Stitch markers!

Did she say stitch markers?


Wait, what was that in that first picture? Was that – yarn?! Oh, I believe it is!

dk knits! Techicolor Dream Toes, 4 ounces, 75% superwash, 25% nylon, hand-dyed sock weight. Let’s move in for a close-up:


Not only did Marin ship all this fabulousness to me, she also remembered that I don’t have a camera, and emailed me all these pictures to share with ya’ll.

All I can say is: WOW! And

THANKS, MARIN! Just let me know if you ever need to borrow my Zombie Army.


The yarn enjoying the view from Marin’s office before it leaves for California. 


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Black Valentine Swag

  1. Marin

    It couldn’t’ve happened to a nicer person. And I was beyond thrilled when I heard whisper of “Pomatamus” and “I may try knitting socks,” though it did mean I had to let the pretty brown-and-pink yarn go.


    p.s. — can the Zombie Army help with my Hat Attack battles?


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