Pollyanna and Random Weirdness, Black Valentine Edition

Lyda here. Here we are, practically halfway through February already. Time for this month’s hump edition of Random Weirdness. And since we’re all celebrating Black Valentines – thanks to Marin – I went to the dark side.

Because what is February 14th without zombies and death and darkness?


1) Here’s a report of an outbreak of zombies in Cambodia. Freaky weird! Be sure to look at the date of the article.

2) Of all of the reasons to chose cremation over burial, this is the creepiest. Scary weird! Plus of course, there’s no way to come back as a zombie. In case you were worried about that.

3) Here’s a useful link if you need to know more about the types of zombies. Philosophical Zombie says, “I eat brains, therefore I am.”

4) The term “zombie” became widespread after the 1929 publication of this book.

5) More zombie valentines…. Funny weird.

6) Here are some zombie love lyrics.

7) Here’s a link to Cardboard Monocle, with funny cartoons of zombies.

8.) And another zombie cartoon strip

9) If someone asks why you’re wearing black today, remind them that this day has a history of bullets and blood. No zombies, but plenty of ghosts!

10) And, thanks to this, here’s a zombie valentine I made just for ya’ll (and Marin’s contest – I’m wearing my black valentine socks today!):



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