Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Gorilla Wanna-Be

Lyda here.

Just saw this, about a face-to-face encounter between gorillas in the Congo. Bow chicka bow bow. I guess she’s the gorilla his dreams. Har har.

I wish I was the gorilla my dreams. No, not that. I mean – I wish I was the woman I would like to be.

Not an actual gorilla.

I’m actually more like the gorilla my nightmares today. I don’t feel great, I’m trying to fight off a sore throat, and I  just wanna go home and nap, and play video games with my kid, and watch lots of TV. And knit and knit and knit. Since I can’t do that, I’m cranky. And whiny. And the rest of the dwarves.

Although – it might be cool to be a gorilla. Hanging out in the rainforest would be a good gig. As long as at the end of the day, there still was a rainforest. Stupid humans, hands off the rainforests. 

And weighing more each year is good if you are a gorilla.

No shaving, either.

Hey, this is sounding better and better.

But I digress.

If ya’ll are having a rotten Valentine’s or just prefer to forget the whole thing, join the club. Of which I am certainly a member. In my Black Valentines socks. Wondering if I’ll ever see action again…

Humans sure make it all so complicated.

I’d love a bit of fun in the grass…

Yeah. This gorilla thing sounds pretty good.


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