Pollyanna Crawls over the Hump

Lyda here. It’s finally Friday. And it’s the Ides of February – the Hump of the month. I’m struggling to keep my spirits up, so here are some good things – not in any particular order:

1) It’s finally Friday. Hurray!

2) My bills are paid for the month. Some of them were paid late, but they are paid, dammit.

3) Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat is healthy and as cute as ever.

4) The Resident Sith Master is the joy of my life. Sometimes he even laughs at my jokes. At almost 17, he is funny and bright and wonderful to be around. I am blessed.

5) I’m starting to think that the Ironic Baby Blanket will actually be big enough to be… well, a baby blanket. I worked on it for an hour or so last night. Heh, I was actually telling the elevator to hurry last night so I could get to my knitting. Assimilated, indeed.

6) I have some very cool fabric to make into a knitting bag. What, I need a knitting bag!

7) Your blogs make me laugh out loud, make me think, make me happy. Thank you.

8.) I sent GAAE brother some links about the scarf and such, and he replied, “Knitters of the world, unite! Cast off your stitches!”

9) Ravelry is fun, and Project Spectrum is inspiring.

10) I’ll be on my own this weekend, which means I can watch as much weird and stupid TV as I want, while finishing the Endless Quilts. I must go to the grocery store and mail packages, but otherwise – quilting and TV!

And maybe zombies.

I can always hope…


One thought on “Pollyanna Crawls over the Hump

  1. annaliza

    Well, yeah, you *do* need a knitting bag! Is anyone implying you don’t? And paid bills are always something to be grateful for. And … what she said. Or you said.


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