Pollyanna Jumps on the Pig Licking Bandwagon

Although, I don’t know, do two blogs a bandwagon make? Are there any handbaskets on this bandwagon? What the fuck is a bandwagon? (Hi Marin! Doing my part to make “licking the pig” a standard blogiverse catchphrase!)


Oh, Anna-Liza here. How y’all doin’?

I’ve been doin’ pretty lousy, truth be told. I was flat on my back for three days with that cold or flu or whatever it is … and, by “flat on my back” I mean “lying in bed propped up on pillows so my head won’t actually explode from the sinus pressure, and periodically convulsing with coughing fits that make my chest and mid-back muscles hurt”. It got so that I couldn’t even read or knit for more than a minute or so. The fever lasted three days, and then I dragged myself into work when it broke because our team’s been pretty hard hit with this bug and we were so shorthanded. (Heroic Anna-Liza, that’s the ticket!) Well … I also was so bored with lying in bed that I figured that I might as well be miserable at work as at home. Oh, and I didn’t want to use up anymore of my paid time off, either. Y’all know.

I’ll feel much more enthusiastic about things when I can breathe properly again. And laugh without coughing up a lung. In the meantime, I feel like I’ve been et by a wolf and shit over a cliff.

This Sunday, Darlin’ K and I are supposed to go to a free Taiko drumming workshop in Boulder. It’s being held by Julia Misawa, who founded the Boulder Taiko Hibiki performance troupe. I am really hoping I’ll feel well enough to go. If I’m wheezing like this, I don’t think energetic drumming (on big drums with big sticks) and shouting will be in the cards.

Monday, both Darlin’ K and I have a holiday. The kids have daycare arranged, so we plan to do something interesting/fun/challenging together. A while ago at a silent auction, we won a “Relationship Balancing” session with a friend of mine who is a very well-respected therapist and teacher. I’ve been impressed with Nancy’s work before, so I’m looking forward to it! (Lyda, I believe she is a graduate of USM, too, but I’ll have to ask her to confirm it). We’re planning on Monday being our “Valentine’s Day”, partly because of the session and partly because I was too sick to be interested in much on The Day itself.

However, Darlin’ K lived up to his nickname and gave me a rose and a really loving card on The Day. He is so much better than I am at expressing deep emotions in writing … I won’t quote it, it’s too special, but it made me feel very loved. I didn’t have anything for him–I’d been in bed all week and I’d planned to go to this little shop with really nice cards a few blocks away from work … and the sun was in my eyes … but I’ll find something. Maybe a lamp. Or a thermos.

The cat (Moxie, whose head just keeps getting smaller and smaller as winter drags on) is curled up on top of the big old monitor we have. She looks remarkably contented. I wonder if doing engineering work would be more fun for K with a little cat face looking down at him through sleepy eyes while he worked? That is one disadvantage I hadn’t thought of with flat screen monitors. Unless you have a really tiny cat. Which Moxie most certainly is not.

On a really positive note, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time! (Sing over and over to the tune of Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay.) I got eight boxes from a coworker (three Thin Mints, three Samoas, two Do Si Dos), and Darlin’ K ordered more from a schoolmate of Mr. R’s–he thinks four boxes. He always thinks we ordered too many, and I always think we didn’t order enough! I will just mention that K is the first one to open a box and eat any this year–four Samoas and counting. I haven’t had one yet. (My appetite’s been very off all week. I’m sure I’ll account for my fair share once it comes back). Oh. Five! Five Samoas A Ha Ha Ha! … (cue lightning).

(sigh) I don’t think I’ve ever been feeling so bad I’d refuse a Samoa. Pray for me. And, in the meantime, I hope y’all are feeling finer’n frog hair and twice as fluffy.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Jumps on the Pig Licking Bandwagon

  1. lyda

    Hope you are feeling better now.

    “Too sick for a Samoa” – that’s what he said!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. But really… that’s really sick. Sending virtual chicken soup.

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