Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Triumphs!

Lyda here. I had a very fibery weekend, and I am very pleased to report:


Not just any piddly little objects were finished…. Oh no.

Drum roll please…

I finished the Cosmic Prince Quilt on Saturday!


I finished the Frog Prince Quilt on Sunday!

Oh yeah, alright, do the Happy Dance!

That’s right, the Endless Quilts, three years in the making, are DONE. Super special awesome! See here for their beginnings, and here for some in progress pictures. More pics will be forthcoming when I get the film developed. Dear Santa, I need a digital camera.

Practically all I did this weekend – other than the laundry and grocery shopping – was work on the quilts. They were almost done; all I had left to do was bind the edges. Tutorial to come.

Saturday evening I washed and dried the Cosmic Prince Quilt, and took its final pictures (have to get them developed and then I will share). The Dread Cat Tommy napped on this quilt most of Sunday while I worked on the Frog Prince Quilt.

Last night, I washed the Frog Prince Quilt. It was tumbling in the dryer (it takes more than one drying cycle for quilts in my dryer) as I left this morning. The washing and drying of the quilts was essential due to the constant assistance of Tommy the Sith Apprentice cat. The dryer lint trap had enough cat fur to knit another cat. Not that I would knit with cat hair. Eww. But I digress…

Due to differences in the design, the Cosmic Prince Quilt ended up measuring 5 feet by 7 feet, while the Frog Prince Quilt measures 6 feet 9 inches by 6 feet 7 inches. So they are bigger than twin size but not really queen size. Which should work just fine for the young princes. Anna-Liza, once you get them, please take pictures of the guys with their quilts for me. Thanks!

Today, I will bring home a big box for shipping these treasures off to Anna-Liza for her two young princes. But they won’t leave for their trip over the Pointy Mountains until the Resident Sith Master has a chance to admire them. Not that he cares all that much, but I want to show them off.

Anna-Liza called yesterday just as I was thinking I should call her to report the quilt F.O.s. We had a good chat, including some discussion of the blog. We’re nearing 20,000 hits, of which a huge number are searches for “Bruce Willis” and “Heathers”, and of course alpacas, always alpacas. We may also have touched on our March blogversary and ways to celebrate it. Maybe. Stay tuned. But I digress again…

Then I had a bit of dinner and settled down to knit on the Ironic Baby Blanket while watching “Pride and Prejudice” on PBS. Colin Firth, I love you. This is my only current knitting project, and I’ve been working on it steadily, but still I was surprised to get to the end of the fourth yarn ball. I only have one skein left, so I guess this is nearing completion.

Time to plan the next projects! Exciting!

I looked through my quilting journal for inspiration and ideas. I keep notes and pictures on each project, and ideas, pictures for inspiration, etc. The journal reminds me that I actually like quilting (sometimes hard to remember in the middle or at the end of a huge project). It also reminds me of my past triumphs, and how much I love giving my quilts to people.

I’m excited about making some small sewing/quilting projects – things that I can finish in an hour or two. Instant gratification, here I come! And starting a new knitting project of some kind.

It was a very fibery weekend indeed. And there will be more Fiber Days to come. Shiny!


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Triumphs!

  1. annaliza

    And I’ve got almost no progress to report on my various projects–been sleeping too much. I’m glad at least one Pollyanna is getting things done!


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