Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine says “Happy Birthday, Sith Master”

Lyda here. This weekend is the 17th birthday of my son, the Resident Sith Master.

I can’t believe he’s already 17.

I can’t believe he’s only 17.

He has always been ahead of the curve. He walked so early that the doctor did not believe it until he saw it for himself. He talked early, and told his first joke almost right away.

He has great instincts about people, which I learned to respect when he was still a baby. When he takes to someone instantly (which doesn’t happen that often), I know that person is a keeper. When he dislikes someone, I know to watch them like a hawk.

His laugh makes me glad I’m alive. He can be goofy and sarcastic and very funny, and he can be so profound that it stops me in my tracks.

At 17, he is passionately interested in politics and video games. He is extremely knowledgable about both. The quickest way to piss him off is to mess with someone he cares about, or a kid, or an animal, or the planet.

I’m still awestruck that I have been entrusted to be the mother of this amazing human being.

He is my greatest teacher.

He is my joy and my inspiration.

He is my hero.

Happy Birthday, dude. You rock.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine says “Happy Birthday, Sith Master”

  1. lyda Post author

    He rocks. And he said the birthday dinner and cake were the best he’s ever had.

    I’m keeping that kid.

    Yesterday I said to RSM, “Your mom is…” (whatever it was, I don’t remember). He said, “You realize you just insulted yourself, right?”

    Dork R Me.


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