Pollyanna’s Erotic Chicken Feathers

Lyda here. March is our blogversary month. We’ve had over 20,600 hits so far. Yes, I’m geeky enough to check on stuff like that.

Post alpaca pictures, and readers flock. Sorry, I got the terrible pun gene from  my mom. Talk about the movie “Heathers” or post a picture of Bruce Willis and you get hits forever.

And then there were these recent searchs that brought people to our blog, such as:

“food and drink fabrics”

Yes, that’s a special kind of fabric. I demonstrate:



I’m sure I would gain weight working with this fabric:


Another recent search: “pig mittens knitted”


Piggy Mittens make me happy. Click on the pic for the piggy mitten post, and linger at spillyjane knitsFree patterns and gorgeous pics, ya’ll!

And today’s favorite search term – of course it would be my favorite, ’cause I am 12

“erotic chicken feather pratchett”

Dude. I mean…



6 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s Erotic Chicken Feathers

  1. annaliza

    Oh, lordy, now I’ve got another project to add to my Ravelry queue … must have Piggy Mittens!!!

    And you know perfectly well why people find us with that search term. Don’t get all prissy.

  2. Marin

    I could just lick those Piggy Mittens…

    In my next incarnation as a rabid maker-of-project-bags, I must have several yards of sushi fabric.

  3. lyda Post author

    Yes, I do know why they find us with that last search term. Bwahahaha! I did some searches on that – just research ya’ll – and found some… interesting… places. Heh. (I wasn’t being prissy, I just wondered what Terry Prachett had to do with it. ‘Cause I haven’t found an “Erotic Chicken Feathers” book by him. Yet.)

    Red, yes! I think it would give him a laugh. I’m betting he’s 12 like the rest of us.

    Marin – Lick the Piggy Mittens!

    And sushi fabric bags! Inspired! I had to include the sushi.

    RSM used to have a video game with a mini-game with Pokemon licking the sushi off a lazy susan. You won if your Pokemon ate more sushi than the others.

    I was good at that mini-game. Oh yes I was.

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