Pollyanna and the Chattering Monkeys

Anna-Liza here, wondering where my mind is.

I am always a little annoyed by the phrase “I love him/her/them dearly … ” because it is always followed by “but, …” and then a description, often sweetly deadly, of whatever it is the person talking seriously hates about the person(s) in question.

That said, I love my kids dearly …

The little ones do talk an awful lot. Nonstop, unless I plug them into a movie or something. Nonstop stream-of-consciousness chattering from Mr. B. Non-stop sorta-stream-of-consciousness chattering from Mr. R. (who is old enough to make it at least somewhat relevant to whatever happens to be going on). Well, actually, Mr. R. does have times when he is voluntarily not talking. A few.

Here’s a c&p from Darlin’ K’s email to me, on a day when Mr. B had to stay home sick and Darlin’ K was trying to get some work done anyway: ” … he just fell asleep 1/2 hour ago in my office after chatting non-stop for hours. He didn’t want to be alone in the living room. ‘Daddy, can we go in now?’  ‘Not yet buddy …..’ ‘How about now Daddy?’ …. ‘Not for awhile, but you can go in and watch TV or play if you want …’ ‘No I want somebody to be with me’ … he brought his drawing board into the office. We went through the whole alphabet: ‘…what comes after m? oh, i know, abcdefghijklm…n.  how do you draw an n? Oh I know. First I’m going to erase this.  Now I’ll draw an n. What comes after n? Oh, i know … abcdefghijklmn … o. I know how to draw an o. An o is like a big oval or egg. First I’m going to erase this … now I’ll draw an o.  What comes after o?  Oh, I know…abcdefg….’ ” According to Darlin’ K, he did that through the whole alphabet, including “How do you draw an ‘and’?” when he got to “y and z“.

Mr. R’s are just a bit less non sequitur-ish (hey, if HR departments can declare “incentivize” is a word, I can make up words, too). They frequently begin with “Mommy, guess what?” and then right on into whatever he wants to tell me. So far, I haven’t needed to actually try to guess, which is probably a good thing. “Mommy, guess what? I’m going to build the first robots that are smart. And I’m going to be like Batman. I wish I could control the elements like they do in Avatar. Guess what, Mommy? I answered my teacher’s challenge question and got a prize.”

This is the same child (Mr. R) that told me he wanted to stay in the car and listen to NPR earlier this evening. This is the second evening in a row he’s wanted to do that. (I let him for a bit). He’s six!

Of course, they’re not the only Chattering Monkeys in my life … and then I Chatter too and perpetuate the cycle … sometimes I think the whole damn world is bound and determined to give me no peace at all! Quiet is so hard to come by, and I have been craving it pretty badly. I’m pretty evenly split between my “social” self and my “hermit” self, but I have to say the hermit is getting pretty restless these days. Then again, if I did get a good long stretch of alone time I’d have to deal with my own Chattering Monkey Mind.

Have you read the Yarn Harlot’s recent posts on the time she spent alone in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness? Envy envy envy. More envy. Time to knit and read and knit and read some more! Time to stare off into space and not have anyone asking any questions! NO BICKERING!! Yeah, I’d probably freak myself out some the way she did the first night … but I’d want no internet access, no phone, no TV … no electricity. Hm. I know a place like that.

Maybe when the weather’s warmer … but not so warm that working with wool would be unpleasant … yeah.


One thought on “Pollyanna and the Chattering Monkeys

  1. lyda

    “incentivize”??? “Non sequitur-ish” is much better! And I know it’s evil, but you just brought back so many memories and made me SO happy that RSM is 17 now. (Evil evil evil. But sympathetic of your hermity needs. “Hermity”? Why not!)

    You should definitely go to that place like that. At least one whole weekend, at least two full days and nights. Just you alone.



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