Pollyanna Has Her Cake and Eats it Too

Lyda here. Guess what I did this weekend?

Yup. Made another devil’s food cake with chocolate icing and sugar sprinkles (orange and black sugar this time, ’cause I live Halloween all year round).

And I ate cake. A lot.

Heh. I think my Gluttony score went up. CAKE!

I did do virtuous stuff like laundry and dishes and such and I did eat veggies and protein and other non-cake items. And Thai food. Yum. Oh, I’m digressing.But mostly, I worked my Sloth mojo. I watched TV, I played on Ravelry (PAAANTTSSS!). I even took a long nap on Sunday with opera singing going on in the background (made for interesting dreams of interesting men. Different kind of yum.) The Dread Cat Tommy definitely enjoys my Sloth days as he can nap on my legs for hours. And he did.

I went to the library and got more quilting books for inspiration, and I’ve already finished with all three of them. None exciting enough to share with ya’ll. Mediocre books – I read them so you don’t have to!

I went to JoAnn’s and bought myself some wonderful fabric. It wasn’t that expensive. No, really. I got some fat quarters on sale,  and I only got 1/2 yard of some other fabric, and a yard only of two or three other fabrics, and most of the fabric I bought was discounted. Not an extravagance at all. I need this fabric. Really. Ya’ll understand.


I’m planning a (small) quilt wallhanging for the hallway, and a few other (small) things. I have more than enough fabric for these projects now. Which means I’ll have some fabric left for other stuff. I can have my fabric and play with it too!

I cast on for another scarf, which will be similar to the scarf for GAAE brother. Really similar. Would you believe, exact copy? Same yarn, because I have a skein of each color left. Maybe it will be for another brother. Wouldn’t want the other three to develop scarf envy.

I’m too excited about my quilt project to start a more complicated knitting project. Or maybe I’m just chicken.



I watched a Tom Hanks movie – Road to Perdition (2002) – very good. I love Tom Hanks. He does an amazing job in a difficult role. Cast includes Paul Newman (who was fabulous – he and Tom Hanks had some great scenes together) and Tyler Hoechlin as Tom’s son. He was 13 when they made the movie; he won several awards for his part. To judge from this movie, he could be an actor to watch. Sad and somewhat disturbing movie, with violence (blood but no gore). Despite the fact that the protagonist is a boy, this movie is definitely for grown-ups only.

I kind of watched a kind of dumb movie called “Last Exit” (1996, made for TV) – one of those things you get sucked into as you are flipping past infomercials, and end up watching even though you know you’ll hate yourself in the morning.

And by “you” I mean “me.” As Marin would say. Although she would say it in a footnote. I copy and paste her footnotes into Word, so I don’t have to scroll up and down her blog so much which makes me lose my place. Oh, my, look at the digressing. Lucky for me, digressing is not a deadly sin. 

Anyway… this definitely had the flavor of “dumb movie of the week, why the hell am I watching this, there must be something better on, let’s flip around again, shit there isn’t anything better.” Not worth it.

I watched the ending of the Saturday night monster movie – upcoming this Saturday, “The Invisible Man” with Claude Rains, shiny! But I digress again – which was another of the endless supply of old mummy movies – I’m not sure but I think it was “The Mummy’s Curse.” Heh, I just typed “mummu” into Wikepedia by mistake and got this. Good to know, good to know. Oh, the digressions I’ve digressed!

And I realized something.

Mummies are just zombies from Egypt. They don’t eat brains because their wrappings are in the way, and anyway their stomachs are probably in a jar somewhere.

But they’re slow, they moan, they kill people… ZOMBIES!

And all this time, I’ve been judging mummies by their cover.

I like them better now that I think of them as zombies.

But that doesn’t mean they can have any of my cake.


7 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has Her Cake and Eats it Too

  1. Red

    mummies are just foreign zombies. Think they need a visa for that? What would they put under occupation? “Terrorizing the living and bringing bandages back”?

  2. lyda Post author


    Red, bwahahaha. Bandages – the new retro look!

    “Sir, are you traveling to the US for business or pleasure?”
    “I am charged by the gods to kill the infidels who violated my sacred tomb.”
    “So, business then?”

  3. lyda Post author

    Uh-oh. Lucky I’m also PNC (Probably not Christian). Hey, that could be the name of your new religion, Marin! Now, there will be lots of wine and fiber, yes? And cake? And of course, cabana boys!

  4. lyda Post author

    Uh, that’s what cabana boys are for, Anna-Liza. To do it for you. (wink wink nudge nudge say no more)

    Heh. I am 12.


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