Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine’s A-B-Cs

Lyda here. I hates it when Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday.

I stayed up too late last night, and then I woke up this morning with a terrible toothache.  And guilt. Last night’s dinner? The last slice of cake and a glass of milk. Oh yes I did.

So, to take my mind off it (although I took a pain pill and feel better now, hurray!), I present to you:

Pollyanna’s A-B-Cs

A is for Anna-Liza. And of course, Alpaca.

B is for Mr. B, and for Bruce Willis.

C is for Chuck Norris. And Colorado and California. And CAKE!

D is for Doom.

E is for Erotic Chicken Feathers. Bwahahaha.

F is for Fiber and Felting. And Frogging and its opposite, those wonderful F.O.s.

G is for Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother.

H is for “Heathers.”

I is for Insanity. Thusly.

J is for Jellyfish.

K is for Knitting. And Darlin’ K of course.

L is for Licking the Pig. Oh, and for Lyda. Heh. Forgot myself.

M is for Monty Python. And for Moxie (Anna-Liza’s cat).

N is for Needles of Doom in all their wonderful dangerous varieties.

O is for Obsessions. Cleaning Obsession. Fiber Obsessions. Lots and lots of obsessions. “But that’s a whole other Oprah.”

P is for both Pollyannas. And for the stupid Pointy Mountains separating us. And definitely Terry Pratchett.

Q is for Quilting. And Quizzes.

R is for Mr. R and the Resident Sith Master. And Ranting. And Randomness.

S is for Second Son. And for Spinning and Sheep and Sci-Fi.

T is for Tommy, the Sith Apprentice cat.

U is for USM.

V is for Video Games and Black Valentines.

W is for Whining. And for Wining. And of course, Weirdness. Always Weirdness.

X is for EX-parrot. And Supreme EXecutive Power. Yes, I fudged. But that is the point of supreme executive power, isn’t it?! Hey, my mouth hurts, hush up.

Y is for Yarn. Lots and lots and lots of yarn.

Z is for Zombies. Which is what I feel like on this pain medication.

And Z is for ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz which is what I want to be doing right now…


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