Pollyanna Does Her Civic Duty, Again

Anna-Liza, reporting from Colorado Congressional District 4.

This has been a week heavy in civic duty. Jury duty on Tuesday, then the Boulder County Democratic Assembly and Convention today. I was a delegate to the Assembly (Senate, House and state legistlature races) and an Alternate for the Convention (presidential race). I didn’t end up getting seated at the Convention, which is why I am writing this now. If I had been seated, I’m sure I would still be there. When I left at 3:30, they hadn’t gotten the Convention started, and they were supposed to start at 1!

It was both pretty interesting and very tedious, sometimes both at the same time. One of my neighbors and I chatted during some of the slow bits, and agreed that it was pretty much an endurance contest. I did bring my knitting, and I was very, very glad I did. I got most of the first sleeve done for Mr. B’s sweater, and also got halfway down the foot on the first of a pair of socks … well, actually, I’m making two pair out of this yarn, one for each kid. Not sure whose sock it is I’m working on now–they’ll both be the same size.

Some of the delegates dropped out of things and left early. I’m guessing those were mostly the ones who hadn’t done this before and hadn’t realized that these things just don’t run on time. (I had never done this before either, but I’m rather cynical experienced in the ways of very large groups of people). There was, I was pleased to note, surprisingly little whining. There was some pretty good public speaking. A particular tip of my hat to Senator Ken Salazar, who got the crowd on its feet twice!

I may write a bit more about specifics later (but probably not). Things did get done, albeit a fair bit more slowly than everyone hoped. Some people did some sillyass things, and some people said some really inspirational things, and it was good to be in a group of people where my basic beliefs were all taken as givens.

You know–that all people in a society are valuable even if they don’t make a lot of money, and deserve to have their basic needs met; that a healthy, viable society doesn’t ignore or leave behind whole sections of its people; that it’s none of my government’s business how I construct my marriage, or with whom; that torture is wrong in any context and under any circumstances; that our planet is our only home, and we have a duty to take care of it; that compassion strengthens us individually and as a society; that church and state must be clearly separated to maintain a free society for all faiths; that when a part of our community is in poverty, ignorance, and hopelessness, our entire community is dragged down. And by “community”, I mean … all of us. In Boulder County, in the State of Colorado, in the United States, in the world.  

I might even have some hope for our country now. It feels good.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Does Her Civic Duty, Again

  1. Nancy G


    P.S. We really ought to get together sometime; we seem to have a lot in common, and you are much closer geographically than Lyda is to me (I live in the southwest Denver metro area).

  2. annaliza Post author

    Hey, Nancy G, that could be arranged. Will you be going to the Yarn Harlot booksigning on April 4th? I plan to go.


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