Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Copycat Memer

Anna-Liza here. Memer, memer, memer!! (Okay, sorry, I’m in a silly mood).

So let’s see, six unimportant things about me. But bizarre.

1) I’m two inches taller than I thought I was until last January. I had a physical for life insurance then, and found out I’m actually 5’3″. I have no idea why I didn’t know this before.

2) I will have a favorite food or drink, having that item every day, possibly several times a day, for a couple of months. Then I’ll drop it and move on to something else. Sometimes they’ll overlap. Right now, it’s cinnamon mochas (although I don’t let myself have them every day, much less several. That would be scary). Thin Mints come up every year at Cookie Time. A little while ago, it was “Candy Cane Lane”, a holiday tea by Celestial Seasonings–decaf green tea with vanilla and mint. Yum.

3) I know it’s geeky, but I think my husband is absolutely the sexiest male in the western United States. I don’t say “the universe” only because I don’t have a lot of experience outside the western U.S. Even when he makes me want to scream with exasperation, he’s hot hot hot. And I do realize that’s entirely subjective–I happen to like tall and slender.  

I’d still do Bowie if I got the opportunity, though. Just for the experience.

4) I read Animal Farm and Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was in the fourth grade. As most who know me well could tell you, they had a serious impact on the way I turned out.

5) I was a Dungeons & Dragons player in the late 70s. Old school, baybay. It’s a little wierd, being a half-geek with no serious computer skills. (The other half is mostly hippie).

6) Even if I won the lottery, I’d probably still buy a used Honda. A newer one than what I have now, but still. I’m not sure how rich I’d have to be, and for how long, before I could consider buying a new car to be anything but a ridiculous extravagance. Okay, maybe I’d buy a demo. But not brand-new–that’s just silly.

Apparently, I like my cars like I like my men–a little scruffy, cheap to run, but highly responsive.

Hoooookayyy, then, who to tag? Let’s see, I’d have to say … Karen M. (mintlatte), Paper Tiger, and … let’s see … running out of people I actually know … Red. Go for it, girlfriends. Oh, rules below–Lyda posted them. If she can tag me, I can ride on her coattails.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Copycat Memer

  1. lyda

    “Apparently, I like my cars like I like my men–a little scruffy, cheap to run, but highly responsive.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath… *gasp*

    Memer memer memer hee hee…


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