Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Celebrates Spring

Lyda here. Happy Equinox!

The Equinox is all about balance – the light and dark being perfectly balanced, 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness. Look here for a cool way to Ride the Solar Wave. Ya’ll, I did the calculations for me (here in Orange County, California) and for Anna-Liza and all ya’ll near Denver, Colorado. I’m supposed to start the 32-minute meditation at 2:16 a.m.  on March 21st. Anna-Liza et. al. would start at 2:34 a.m. on March 21st. If we do this, we will be meditating with people all over the world! Coolness! Uh, do you think they would mind if I meditated in my sleep? Oh, what the hey, I’ll probably wake up anyway. There is also a drumming event at 12:00 noon EST. Join in!

In the Northern Hemisphere, we then move into more light than dark, and celebrate beginnings. It’s a great time for starting things, renewing things, revitalizing ourselves, our homes and our lives.

Spring has definitely arrived in my little part of the world. The bushes in front of our place are covered in pink flowers, and the birds are having a great time building nests in the tall pines. I have the urge to dig in the earth and plant growing things.

And look what I found: Nerd-licious!  Nerdy curtains for spring!

Uh. Anyway…

Spring brings all kinds of springy things: Ostara (named after Eostre, or Oestre, Goddesses of Spring). Easter (earlier than usual this year because it’s based on the lunar calendar.)

The Spring Goddess transforms into a hare. (In some traditions, she turns a bird into a rabbit.)

Rabbits make sense as a spring symbol – connected to the earth, these fertile animals mate and have their young in the spring. A female rabbit can get pregnant with a second litter while she is gestating the first, and they will be born separately. Makes you glad you aren’t a rabbit, doesn’t it?

Eggs also connect to fertility and the cycle of life. Chickens only lay eggs when there is enough light – thus, before artificial lights, egg laying would resume in the spring. With spring would come chicks.

Peeps were a later innovation.

Thus, the Goddess brought the eggs when she brought spring. Is the Easter Bunny a pagan goddess in disguise?

Offering of honey and mead were left out to honor the goddess, or to placate the fairies. This may account for the sweet treats this time of year.

Or maybe, we all just like chocolate.

Yeah, that’s probably it.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Celebrates Spring

  1. Red

    Have you ever seen the Eddie Izzard bit about Easter and the chocolate eggs? If I had access to you tube I’d put a link here. Precious.

  2. lyda Post author

    Here’s Eddie Izzard on Easter and chocolate eggs:

    Also: Cake or Death! (You know I had to include this one!)


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