Pollyanna Celebrates a New Holiday

Lyda here. So, I was cruising around the blogroll today, and discovered a cool holiday in today’s post from Faith. Thanks, Faith! You continue to rock!

This cool holiday is Discardia! This is the perfect holiday for this Pollyanna, I tell you what. Goes well with the feng shui – an important principle of feng shui is to remove clutter –  and feeds into my cleaning obsession too. Bwahahaha!

First, it has no rules and no obligations. Not like those other holidays. Second, this year it runs from March 19th to April 5th but you can celebrate it anytime you want! See how cool? You can suddenly declare it to be Discardia for the next three hours! Try that with any other holiday. Third, it was invented five years ago by Metagrrrl (Dinah) – gotta love a holiday invented by a blogger, right?!

There’s a Discardia Tip a Day you can refer to. Just read through the archives – one tip a day, a few at a time, or, if you are nuts like me, read through them all at once.

You can just do one thing a day, or a week. Or do more when you have the time and inclination. Some things just take a few minutes, some things take longer. Some things you might already be doing and you can give yourself Discardia points for them. Sort the mail over the recycling bin – check. Ten Discardia points for me! Okay, I just made up the points, but you could use them to motivate yourself. For example, “when I collect fifty Discardia points, I will trade them in for a long bath.” Or a marguarita. Whatev.

Here’s a good one to start with (from the January 2006 archives – Yes, I’ve been reading through from beginning to end – I told ya’ll I’m nuts) :

“Friday Freedom: Maybe you’ll take the rest of the weekend off, but before you do, take fifteen minutes to a happier home. Tonight set your sights on the kitchen. Ready? Find 10 things that you don’t want in your kitchen anymore. You get more bonus points the bigger they are. Kick them out to the trash, put them in your charity bag or start a yard sale box. Gone. Done. Better.”

You can do this in another room if you prefer. It would be interesting to have the kids do this in their room(s).

It isn’t all decluttering and cleaning. Some of it is thinking about how you want to live your life, and how you want to use your space. Some of it is pondering your dreams and how you can set up your space to encourage them.

Good stuff, Maynerd. Good stuff.

Off to read more now… and make notes…


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Celebrates a New Holiday

  1. Jane

    I have been celebrating Discardia without even knowing it! I have thrown away SO MUCH STUFF…it’s great. My goal is to have nothing in this house that I don’t love, AND – MORE IMPORTANTLY – to know precisely where every single one of those beloved things are! Not there yet, and I try not to think about the attic – but I am definitely on my way!

  2. Marin

    Is it wrong that I want to take my Discardia points to a garage sale and spend them on other people’s crap?

    Wait. Don’t answer that. I know it’s wrong.

  3. lyda Post author

    Marin, it’s only wrong if it is crap to YOU as well as them. One person’s crap can be your treasure.

    Oops, I wasn’t supposed to answer…


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