Pollyanna Celebrates Spring, Part Deux

Hey, Anna-Liza here. It’s definitely Spring here in Colorado, too. I haven’t seen much in the way of flowers, but the kids and I did see a butterfly on March 1st, that one warm day we had? Remember? And remember what happened after? Yeah, poor little butterfly.

St. Patrick’s Day was pretty much a one-day encapsulation of the (in)famous Springtime in the Rockies phenomenon. Here are the trees in my front yard at about 7 a.m. and then 6 p.m. that day:

 7-am-080317.jpg                                  6-pm-080317.jpg   

Here’s what my car looked like that morning: car-in-march.jpg

(That’s just to make Lyda feel happier about the “cold” weather out there in Orange Fucking County).

The first day of Spring wasn’t quite that dramatic. It was relatively warm, rather windy, but okay for sitting out in the sun and knitting (which I did for a bit at lunchtime). When I was driving home, it was more than “rather” windy and the clouds were moving in. In fact, as I drove south on Hwy 287, to my left (east) was blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds. Directly overhead, the fluffy white clouds were more numerous and there wasn’t so much blue in between them. To my right (west), the clouds were silver-to-dark grey and there was no blue to be seen, and the mountains were black and white, or obscured. And when I left my drop spindle class that night around 10:30, I had to lean against the wind to keep from getting blown across the parking lot. (Drop spindle class? Oh yes, me old beauties. Taught by Maggie Casey herownself. I’ll post about that later, when I get some pictures of the “lovely” [not] yarn I spun that night.)

Typical. Tomorrow, (or tonight), it’s supposed to snow again. Then partly cloudy and highs in the 40s for Easter. I hope it’s nicer than last year. Do you remember last year?

Lookit our egg baskets!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Celebrates Spring, Part Deux

  1. lyda

    Hey, if I have to live on the *wrong* side of the Pointy Mountains, there should be some consolations, shouldn’t there? At least if I can’t live near you, I can have mild weather. (And by *wrong* I mean the other side of the mountains from you!)

    At least the Easter Bunny has all that fur and will be warm no matter what.


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