Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Celebrates Our Blogversary!

“You say it’s our Blogiversary…”

Anna-Liza posted the first Pollyanna post a year ago today, and I followed the same day with my own first post. I apologize for all the self-referential linking in this post, but hey, it’s our blogiversary!

Anna-Liza here … inserting comments as I see fit. Hey, Lyda doesn’t get it all her own way, you know! So true! Always glad to have you join in! Besides, this was all your idea, you know.

A year ago, I didn’t knit. I have since been assimilated (bwa ha ha ha …) (my BFF, folks – so evil!) and completed four scarves and a few Random Rectangular Things. I even wrote my first knitting pattern.

A year ago, I didn’t have a zombie obsession. It began here, and so far, 43 of my posts include the category “Zombies.” Not including this one. In case ya’ll are keeping track. Presumably to build a case for my eventual commitment. And yet, I’m the one with the Zombie Son. Odd, but well within the usual level of oddness around here. Our “usual level of oddness” being off the charts for most people, of course…

But in re-reading my first post, I see much has remained the same. Resident Sith Master playing video games, check. Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat trying to kill me, check. Me not dating and generally being a hermit, check. Whining, check. Digressions, check. Two hour minimum phone conversations with BFF, check. Constantly emailing each other strange links and random musings, check.

At least I did finally finish those quilts for Anna-Liza’s boys. Cute pictures of them with quilts here. They are sleeping under them as I type this. Awww.

In this year, we’ve written over 300 posts and had over 22,000 visits to our blog – many visitors were searching for Bruce Willis or “Heathers” or alpaca pictures, but hopefully some of them stuck around. Maybe the ones looking for erotic chicken feathers wandered off. Heh, I added that to the tags for this post. Hi there, erotic chicken feather seekers!

A year ago, I would not have guessed that I would become so addicted to blogging, or that I would have had so much fun exploring the weird and the mundane with ya’ll. I would not have guessed how important ya’ll would become to me, or how many friends I would make through blogging. See? I told ya it would be fun. You are always right. When have I failed to listen to you? Wait, don’t answer that…

It’s been a fun year and we look forward to many many more! Please come out of lurkdom to say happy ‘versary. Yes, do! Even if you were only looking for alpacas…

Anna-Liza, better make up another pot of sweet tea. Or maybe a Ball O’ Mimosas. I’ll get to baking a cake.


“Oh, we’re gonna have a party, party…”


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