Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Peeps Up

Lyda here, wandering randomly “across the blog-o-verse.” (Can’t you hear the song?) And a weird and wonderful blogverse it is!

But I must warn you:


Ann and Kay (Mason-Dixon Knitting) give us this seasonally appropriate post.

And then today, Marin posted about her own Peep Diorama creations (bwahahaha) and Red posted about Peeps too.


Who ya gonna call? and Where No Peep Has Gone Before are my favorites from the Peep Show. Of course.

This peepness lead me to this version of “Thriller”. What better way to spend 5 to 7 with no possibility of parole?

Which lead me, through many twists and turns, to this masterpiece Star Wars parody from the UK. Check out who plays the Emperor! Awesome!

And then I stumbled across this – it’s got everything: nerds from Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings battle to be the geekiest of all, and Triumph the Wonder Dog interviewing them all. Language warning – be careful at work, ya’ll.

Those nerds are definitely my kind of peeps, ya’ll. Sorry, couldn’t resist for all the green Peeps in the world.

Excuse me, must go to store for diorama materials.

I can hear the Peep Zombies now….

What’s that they’re saying…?

Sugar… must eat sugar…

With the amount of sugar in my blood, I know I’m in danger.

And by the way, how much candy have you eaten lately?


Then what are you doing standing there?



4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Peeps Up

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