Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine: Butter Nutrition Expert

Anna-Liza here, killing my family slowly with my cooking …

Example: the dinner I made for us last night. On the plus side, I did use the George Foreman Grill for the steaks, which I’d marinated in garlic and worcestershire sauce beforehand. And I did include brussels sprouts.

The down side starts with the butter and pepper added to the brussels sprouts. (My philosophy is that there isn’t a cooked vegetable in the world that doesn’t benefit from a liberal application of melted butter and a judicious application of pepper. Some of them need salt, some don’t.) The mushrooms were sauteed … in about a quarter cup of butter. And the mashed potatoes. Yeah. More butter, and heavy cream and sour cream. (And dill. Hey, it’s green, and it’s leafy, right?)

I had a beer with mine. New Belgium Brewery’s “Trippel“, to be exact.

Yum. And I didn’t have to lick (or kiss) a single pig. I wonder how much time off my life I’m losing for that meal, exactly? But really, a longer life without butter? What kind of a life would that be?


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine: Butter Nutrition Expert

  1. Jane

    I totally agree with you about all vegetables being better with butter and pepper. I love my pepper grinder!

  2. lyda

    A meal without butter is like a day without sunshine. And pepper, fabulous pepper. And I’m a salt fiend, although I try to control myself (ya’ll know how well that usually works out!)


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