Pollyanna Jumps the Shark

Lyda here. Actually, we may have jumped the shark long long ago. By why stop when we are having so much fun?!

But one of today’s searches was for “knitted shark” – so in the interest of giving ya’ll your heart’s desires, I offer these links for your sharky fun.

Knitted Shark # 1Knitting Ninja created a shark-eating-your-head hat. Bwahaha! Free pattern!

Knitted Shark # 2 – Here’s a knitted shark washclothFree pattern!

Knitted Shark # 3 – and a knitted hammerhead shark cloth Free pattern!

both from Knitting Heaven on Earth, who also has other free patterns, as well as patterns and washcloths for sale.

Knitted-Not-A-Shark #1 – Because who doesn’t need a washcloth with Elvis’ face on it? “Wash me tender…”

Knitted-Not-A-Shark #2 – In fact, Knitting Pattern Central, where I found the shark washcloth, has a whole list of animals to make. More free patterns!


Knitted-Not-A-Shark #3 –  a trio of cute dinos Free patterns!

And –

Wait for it…

Knitted-Not-A-Shark #4 – PIGS TO LICK! Here’s the free piggie pattern PDF.

Knitted-Not-A-Shark #5 – But only one vaguely zombie-related pattern. Free pattern.

But I digress…

We now return you to the post already in progress.

Knitted Shark # 5 – Oh yeah? Well, your dog is a shark! That’s what she said.

Knitted Shark # 6 – If you just want a Nibble O’ Shark, here’s directions for shark tooth edging.

And now, we get to the “jumping” portion of our post – what, you thought we were there already?– because ya’ll know I have no control. That’s what he said!

Jump the Shark # 1: Patricia Walker created this crocheted shark enjoying a meal. Can’t ya’ll hear the “Jaws” theme music now?

Ya’ll might not want to click on the main page of her website at work, ya’ll, because there are


Heh. That should get us some interesting visitors.

There is some seriously cool and twisted stuff  there. Including Bonus Piggies! And yummy licking of pig!

Jump the Shark # 2: This artist created necklaces of knitted shark teeth. But mostly I included it so you can scroll down through the other weird and cool things she’s made, on your way to the necklaces.

Jump the Shark # 3 – And there’s this blog for those who are into Sharks and knitting and hockey all at once. Marin?

Jump the Shark # 4 – Writer Vylar Kaftan has these funny blog posts about sharks. Not really related to fiber, but when have I ever stuck to topic, ya’ll? Plus, a gratuitous zombie post (kinda). Funny. Ya’ll know this blog is now on my reading list.

And for the quilters out there, Quilted Sharks:

Quilted Shark #1 – Here’s some inspiration.

Quilted Shark #2 – A great shark quilt for inspiration. I love that the young recipient designed the quilt and picked the fabrics.

Quilted Shark #3 – A coordinating pillow cover for #2, with quilted mystery sharks . I love Quilted Mystery Sharks! They’re magically delicious!

Something-To-Quilt-A-Shark-With #1I wonder if it bites the fabric?

Kind-Of-A-Quilted Shark #1 – A shark oven mitt.

Which I only included because of…

Not-At-All-A-Quilted Shark #1This pig oven mitt.

Ah, ya’ll were missing the pig-licking, weren’t you?

And mostly,

And most importantly, because of…

Not-At-All-A-Quilted Shark #2This:



Always end big, ya’ll. Always end big.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Jumps the Shark

  1. Marin

    Google is your friend.

    Hey, my first not-a-square-thing knitting project was a scarf and fin-hat set for a plastic shark I had in the 6th grade. Alas, no pictures were taken and the shark disappeared shortly after college.

  2. lyda Post author

    Aw, pictures would have been awesome. I guess the shark went off to swim free and proud. (And yes, Google – it’s a good thing.)

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