Pollyanna Laughs Her Ass Off

Hey y’all, Anna-Liza here. And, referring to today’s title, would that I could! But I did laugh until I cried, repeatedly, and all the while knitting on Mr. B’s second sock. (It’s almost finished! And then I can cast on a pair of socks for me! I’m thinking Pomatomus.) And let me apologize now, because the linking thingy on WordPress is not cooperating with me. There are (is? are?) a metric assload of links I want to put in here, and I can’t. So I’ll add them later when the thingy is behaving. (Upgrade, shmupgrade.)

Of course this was at the Yarn Harlot’s booksigning at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover last night. Highlands Ranch is clear on the other side of Denver, and I work in Loveland, which is, what, an hour north of Denver? Maybe a bit more. So Loveland isn’t even Denverish. Highlands Ranch is Denverish, but it’s not too terribly far from becoming Colorado Springs-ish. Now that you’re all impressed with my sense of direction, my knowledge of local geography, and my devotion to the Harlot, I should perhaps mention that I didn’t drive all that way by myself. My good friend Techieangel drove, and we had a great time. I really enjoy Stephanie’s books and her blog, but you have to understand that, in person, she is funnier than a cat with its head stuck in a Kleenex box, with the bonus that you don’t feel guilty about laughing.

We got there between 6:30 and 7, and a friend had accidentally saved seats for us. I didn’t know she’d be there and she didn’t know we’d be there, it just happened that she had two open seats next to her, so we were not too terribly far back. I couldn’t actually see Stephanie very well, but I could hear her quite well, and some other folks I hadn’t seen for a while were near us, so we were more pleasantly situated than I expected, getting there as late as we did.

There were a number of Ravelry folk there, but meeting was more incidental/accidental. I wore my pin with my Ravelry name on it (Divina, if you’re looking), and so met a few people. I’ll be looking you up, Miss Silly! One young woman I know IRL was there and got to be in the first row, and the first to get her book signed, because she was recovering from knee surgery. That silver lining thing, I guess. Sylvia from POSH was there, too, and many familiar faces who may only be familiar because I keep seeing them at various knitterly events.

Terri and I took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other:  Say Malabrigo!

Take a look at the gorgeous entrelac shawl she’s wearing! And the crocheted net fringe … oooooo.

Here’s the crowd behind where we were sitting: 

And a blurry shot of the crowd in front of us: 

Stephanie was outrageously funny. There’s just something about her delivery, her timing, it’s just perfect. In response to a question from the audience, she related the story about hiking to the store from the cabin in the woods where she was staying. I had read the story on her blog, and knew exactly what was going to happen, but I still had tears streaming down my cheeks by the time she’d finished. And her riff on her reaction when people tell her (for the thousandth time) that one can buy socks for cheap at WalMart was priceless.

So if she’s coming to your town, I’d strongly recommend that you go hear her talk. Even if you don’t want to buy a book, go. You’ll have a blast. Of course, if you do buy a book, then you get to hold The Sock.

Those brightly colored socks Stephanie’s holding? Those are Mr. B’s. Mr. R’s are on the table. 


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Laughs Her Ass Off

  1. Yarn Thing

    LOL…that actually isn’t me…that is Larkspur Studio 🙂

    But…it is a wonderful shawl/stole isn’t it?

    I wish I could have met you though..I was sitting right next to Terri Lynn in the second row. I should have put my name tag on huh?


  2. annaliza Post author

    Yep, I caught my mistake just about the time I clicked the “post” button–“Wait a minute, why did I write Marly? That was Terri Lynn!” But it was too late. I fixed it right away–you must be a pretty fast reader!


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